Critique of ¡Nope!: Jordan Peele adds satire and comedy to his cocktail of art house horror

Horror movies and genre movies in general have gained a lot of power in recent years. In the last decade we have witnessed the appearance of fresh authors with new proposals framed in what we can call Art House Horror: an aesthetic terror, far from the most characteristic postulates of the eighties cinema, of gore, … Read more

Should we see Nope, the new film by Jordan Peele?


After Get Out and Us, Jordan Peele is back. Whether you’re looking for thrills, thought-provoking metaphors, or just pure entertainment, Nope is bound to delight you. While American journalists raged on Twitter to find out if Jordan Peele buried the careers of John Carpenter, Alfred Hitcock or Steven Spielberg, we poor mortals were doomed to … Read more

Nope: Is the story of the chimpanzee Gordy inspired by a true story?


The scariest scene of Nope, Jordan Peele’s new film recently released, is not about aliens or building tension between human beings. It is an unexpected moment compared to the center of the film, which is shown to us at the beginning and then in a chilling central sequence. We are obviously talking about Gordy, the … Read more