Eleven All Stars: Discover the notes given by coach Kameto

Photo: Popcorn The football match between the France and spain of the stream was great. The rivalry between our two countries continues and the 2-0 victory was celebrated as it should be in the stands and on social media. While waiting for the return match, we imagine that the French influencers will keep these magnificent … Read more

‘But the sky is always bluer’: who knows what Rino Gaetano would say of his notes that have become Giorgia Meloni’s hymn …

The predictable success of Giorgia Meloni (attention, not of the Brothers of Italy, but of Giorgia Meloni!) And the equally predictable record result of the first effective party, that of the abstentions, reminded me of Giorgio Gaber and his hymn to freedom which is participation. But then I thought that freedom and participation, in this … Read more

Hands off Lando Buzzanca, actor in possession of all the necessary “notes” (by F. Abbate)

Once upon a time there was Lando. But let’s drive back: Palermo, 1972, early in the morning. My classmates from Cinisi, a town no one associated with Peppino Impastato at the time, arrived by bus almost as far as the gate of our scientific high school, the “Galileo Galilei”, just after dawn, between the Favorita … Read more