Controversy in Olavarría: students made a parody of Cristina Kirchner and made fun of the “planeros”

A student representation that took place in the city of Olavarria in the run-up to Spring Day ended in a great controversy: a group of students from the last year of the Monsignor Cesar Caneva School they made a sketch parodying the vice president Cristina Kirchner and in the middle of the performance they described … Read more

Olavarría: A school parody of Cristina Kirchner ended in a scandal

From a kind of lectern, the imitator threw polenta and boxes of wine at her followers, whom she also described as “lazy” and “shitty blacks.” In the speech, the CFK impersonator also announced that the opposition “was going to be split in half like a butterfly sausage.” WhatsApp Video 2022-09-20 at 19.41.49 (1).mp4 Olavarría: A … Read more