@DigameJuanjo: “For content creators, the World Cup is a golden opportunity” | teletic

The cocommunicator and publicist Juan José Fonseca, known on social media as @DigameJuanjo, joined Teletica’s efforts to cover the 2022 Qatar World Cup. “For content creators, the World Cup is an incredible opportunity because now there are Ticos from Qatar making very cool content and also people who couldn’t go, but from Costa Rica we … Read more

‘An opportunity’, the funniest (and haunted) book by Pablo Katchadjian

review to Paul Katchadjian (Buenos Aires, 1977), just like reading it, it is always fun because each hypothesis that occurs to you as you advance to explain what each new book of his does begins to sound ridiculous very soon, like the impostures of a pedantic critic of which he himself text is preemptively mocked. … Read more

The Fake News Phenomenon, an opportunity to understand them


On a recurring basis we hear the concept of Fake News in the news, even more so in these last weeks of work of the Constitutional Convention, where a series of information, facts or events have circulated that are presented as true, but then it is demonstrated with the passing of time. the days that … Read more