Ayuso parodies Equality and calls Sánchez a “soft man” for not creating illusions in politics

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has starred during the XXV Interparliamentary of the Popular Party a harsh intervention against the Prime Minister, Peter Sanchez. Using the latest campaign of the Ministry of Equality, the Madrid president has called “soft man”also warning him that “Madrid does not fold”. The president of the Community of Madrid and also leader … Read more

Humor – Passed by Limoges, the actor Julien Pestel is a hit with confined parodies of film dubbing

In Limoges, no one has forgotten him. Although already dating back a short decade, his hilarious parodies reappear regularly on social networks. If you are told: OSS187, Limoges no longer responds Where Anyway, I went to Limoges ? Julien Pestel, of course. The author of “Bref, I went to Limoges” Julien Pestel now has his … Read more

Academic journals published parodies of feminist articles unknowingly


Reading time: 4 mins In May 2018, the journal Gender, Place and Culture, which specializes in a feminist approach to geography, published an article titled “Human Responses to Rape Culture and Queer Performativity in Portland, Oregon Dog Parks”. In the paper, which cites extensive literature and claims to be based on 100 hours of dog … Read more

Ciao 2020 !, the Russian late show that parodies Italian TV


Hello 2020 !. Like this Evening Urgantthe satirical late show of Russian Channel One (1tv, Pervyy kanal, the most popular channel in Russia and the longest-running) has chosen to say goodbye to 2020, or rather with a music show inspired by Italian TV … or rather, Italian TV from the 1980s. Aired on the evening … Read more

Political parodies on Twitter: “It’s the continuity of the Guignols and the Bébête Show”


Christophe Castagnette, Valérie Traitresse, François Ruppin… On Twitter, parody accounts of politicians are more and more numerous. Making fun of deputies and even ministers, they issue publications that very often go viral on the social network. Some, like Sardine Ruisseau, even manage to exceed the number of subscribers of the true profile of the elected … Read more

Brunella Horna parodies her viral interview with Tini on TikTok: “I love it”


Brunella Horna parodies her viral interview with Tini on TikTok: “I love it.” | TikTok Although many consider that Brunella Horna is not prepared to be in the leadership of a television program, the model continues to fulfill her work in ‘America Today’so on different occasions he has taken to the streets to conduct interviews. … Read more

Internet Reacts To Forspoken’s Goofy Trailer With Parodies And Anger


Facial palm: There are several good reasons to be excited about Forspoken, the action-RPG from Square Enix and Luminous Productions. Not only does it look like a potentially great game, it’s probably the first PC title to use Microsoft’s DirectStorage. Sadly, its latest trailer doesn’t elicit any sense of excitement; instead, the viewers collapsed so … Read more

The Torpor of the Rings and Other Tolkien Parodies You Need to Know About


“This book is mainly about making money”write Henry Beard and Douglas Kenney in the introduction to The torpor of the rings (1969), “and the reader will discover in its pages much of the character and some of the low moral integrity of the authors.” Playing Devil’s advocate for a moment, no parody has ever brought … Read more