Richard Garneau, between passion and excellence | Radio

The first spark for sports journalism, Richard Garneau saw it during the Rome Olympics in the summer of 1960, for which Radio-Canada deployed great resources. He and his colleague Louis Chassé became the first commentators of the Olympic Games for Canadian television. From Montreal, they receive the images of the proofs by air one day … Read more

The Passion of Andrea 2 by Simone Mousset

Photo Sven Becker The Luxembourg choreographer Simone Mousset presented The Passion of Andrea 2 at the Nantes CCN Trajectories festival. In this wacky and absurd piece, three characters who share the same identity take us into an unreal universe tinged with parody, between dance, theatrical improvisation and humour. ” It’s a magic trick, a killer … Read more

François Corteggiani : passion bande dessinée ! (seconde partie)

Le décès brutal de François Corteggiani le 21 septembre dernier — le jour anniversaire de ses 69 ans — a secoué le monde de la bande dessinée (1). Passionné depuis toujours par le média, ce fort en gueule au cœur de midinette — et 115 kilos pour 1,94 mètre ! — s’est illustré dans tous les … Read more

“Robo Mundial”: the series with Joaquín Furriel that reflects Argentina’s passion for the World Cup

Joaquín Furriel, the protagonist of world robberythe comedy series from Star+ that follows a group of crazy and very improvised thieves in their plan to steal the World Cup with the aim that Argentina is not disqualified from the World Cup, stated: “The production proposes to laugh of what we are as Argentines”. “Humor is … Read more

Daisy Ciotti rediscovers her passion for classical dance

The “moralizing comments” on the performance of Daisy Ciottiin art Holly’s Good, last February at the Officers Club of the Armed Forces of Rome in via XX Settembre, which led to the immediate removal of the director, did not prevent the artist from demonstrating his professionalism, passion and dedication to other types of dance as … Read more