” We can win ! »: 450 people at the special meeting for the battle of Permanent Revolution pensions

Photo credits: Permanent Revolution This Wednesday, the day after the day of massive mobilization of January 31 against the pension reform, nearly 450 people were present at the meeting organized by Révolution Permanente to discuss “how to win against Macron? “. In front of a full house, Adrien Cornet, CGT TotalEnergies activist from Grandpuits and … Read more

Pensions: “Olivier Véran does not have the right sensors in the world of work”, tackles the CFDT

Trade unionists intend to prove Olivier Véran wrong. The government spokesman declared that he did not plan “in the idea of ​​​​a massive mobilization” against pension reform. “I believe that Olivier Véran, he does not have the right sensors in the world of work, tackled Thursday Laurent Berger, boss of the CFDT, the first French … Read more

Réforme des retraites : âge de départ, pensions, carrières longues… Toutes les annonces

Réforme des retraites : l’âge légal repoussé à 64 ans d’ici 2030 C’est désormais officiel, Elisabeth Borne a annoncé que les Français travailleront jusqu’à 64 ans en 2030. La Première ministre a annoncé les mesures de son projet de réforme des retraites en conférence de presse ce mardi 10 janvier. Le projet de réforme propose de relever … Read more

Pensions 2022, Meloni prudent on flexibility and quota 41: workers, are you already thinking about it?

Many are worrying about the latest statements expressed by the senator as well as responsible for the program of Fratelli D’Italia, Fazzolari, which on 4 August seems to have expressed perplexity about the share 41, yet, our readers write to us, turning their words to us, Walter Rizzetto, Brothers of Italy, interviewed by you in … Read more