” We can win ! »: 450 people at the special meeting for the battle of Permanent Revolution pensions

Photo credits: Permanent Revolution This Wednesday, the day after the day of massive mobilization of January 31 against the pension reform, nearly 450 people were present at the meeting organized by Révolution Permanente to discuss “how to win against Macron? “. In front of a full house, Adrien Cornet, CGT TotalEnergies activist from Grandpuits and … Read more

Christine and the Queens, Redcar or permanent autoparody

It’s a rare and precious feeling to attend an end-of-year show organized by COTOREP – but live on the BBC and filmed by an army of high definition cameras. For the presentation of his new album, The Adorable Stars, “Redcar” has gone into overdrive: the stage is plunged into darkness, a blood-red archangel serves as … Read more