Pinocchio: Who is Podesta in the Netflix movie and was he a real person?

After the premiere of Pinocchio, by the director Guillermo del Torowhich is already available on the streaming platform Netflixmany have wondered the real identity of several of the characters, including that of Podesta. This is the project that took the Mexican filmmaker 15 years to make a reality after being a lover of the Italian … Read more

Hoaxes about the spontaneous person who interrupted during a World Cup match in Qatar ·

On November 28, during the match between Portugal and Uruguay in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a spontaneous jumped onto the pitch with a peace flag along with messages supporting the protests in Iran or calling for an end to the conflict in Ukraine. Some images that have gone viral on social media along … Read more

How to identify an egocentric person? How to protect yourself from it?

Self-centered people are hard to put up with, to say the least: they are obsessed with themselveshave constantly need to feel admired and sorely lacking inempathy. Myriam Sanchez, clinical psychologist, takes stock with us of the deleterious consequences of this personality trait. Definition: what is an egocentric person? The term egocentrism, from the Latin ego … Read more

The worst person in the world: the review

The worst person in the world 2021 Original title: Verdens verste menneske CAST: Renate Reinsve (Julie) Anders Danielsen Lie (Aksel) Herbert Nordrum (Eivind) The worst person in the world is a 2021 film directed by Joachim Trier. With two Academy Award nominations and Cannes recognition for Best Actress, Joachim Trier’s fifth feature film, the author’s … Read more

9 signs to recognize a toxic person

Devaluation, malaise… When such feelings are repeatedly experienced in contact with a particular person, they can reveal in this individual a personality trait that is harmful to others. A toxic personality results in words, gestures and a general attitude that hurt others. This behavior in fact generates discomfort, stress and even mental fatigue in the … Read more