Storm phenomena | The nebulous precipitations of meteorological jargon on television

It will be the fault of global warming, as they say, there are certainly no more beautiful snowfalls than once. Naked mountains, stopped ski lifts, goodbye winter sports. If at least we could say goodbye to “snowfall” too! Which could also be “snowy phenomena” or in the lighter forms “phenomena with a predominantly snowy nature”. … Read more

Ciccio and Franco real phenomena

The cover of the book They do not come from the apprenticeship, but from further down, from the depths of the street theater. Squares and markets, the Vuccirìa, Ballarò. They are “jumpers”, as Macario calls them (or was it Petrolini?) In his memoirs. On the verge of begging, Franco (apparently) sometimes also devoted to pickpocketing, … Read more