At the Teatro di Ittiri the pièce “Era l’oladola?” by Daniele Monachella and Carlo Valle

Saturday 4 February on the stage of the “Comunale” the lucky comedy finalist at Roma Comic Off 2018. ITTIRI. Meditate and have fun? That is the question. Indeed no: with the brilliant Shakespearean comedy “Was it the lark?” one can laugh and reflect at a brisk pace traveling on the terrain of the absurd and … Read more

The popular manga One Piece becomes a live action on Netflix: because it risks being a failure

Making a good adaptation, starting from a book, a comic or a video game, is not easy. There are exceptions, sure. Like “The Last of Us”, available on Sky and NOW. But other experiences, like Netflix’s “Cowboy Bebop,” haven’t fared equally well. Because they end up changing the source material too much, and badly (in … Read more

One Piece, the Japanese Navy pays tribute to the marines and the “justice” of the Admirals: it is controversy

Home Anime & Manga One Piece, the Japanese Navy pays tribute to the marines and the “justice” of the Admirals: it is controversy Of Marina Flocco – January 4, 2023 Among the various factions existing in One Piece, since the beginning of the work we have been able to see how one of the most … Read more

“Ubu roi, a piece that allows all the madness”

the essential The Grenier de Toulouse presents at the Stopover “Ubu king”. Meeting with Stéphane Batlle and Pierre Matras, directors and performers of this masterpiece of the theater of the absurd. Why did you choose “Ubu roi” by Alfred Jarry for your end-of-year creation? Pierre Matras: When we did a first reading, we noticed that … Read more

The last piece of Milan in the eighties, McDonald’s closed: who were the paninari?

Milan – An era doesn’t necessarily end by changing the calendar. The eighties, so to speak, will officially end on December 6 with the closure of the McDonald’s in Piazza San Babila in Milan. Until a few years ago the place was called Burghy: the place for sandwiches, the followers of the most famous, or … Read more

Review of Showtime, a big piece… | From the jar to the aquarium: a disconcerting odyssey

The Jar Project trio promised to shake up theatrical conventions, and they did. His proposal, exploded, is a chaotic quilt in which at least six show ideas are tried before being abandoned. Confusing, you say? Posted at 12:28 p.m. Already almost ten years since the Projet bocal collective was born, and its founders Simon Lacroix, … Read more

Tiffany & Co. is making a piece of jewelry and a film with Beyoncé: a sign of jewelry in top form despite the crises?

After releasing her new album RENAISSANCE in July, celebrating her 41st birthday on September 4, and teasing extremely anticipated future clips, Beyoncé signs a piece of jewelry and announces a video with Tiffany & Co. contrary… Beyoncé just celebrated her 41st birthday on September 4, 2022, but still no music videos to accompany the release … Read more

Laurent Ournac and his grieving wife: “A piece of us leaves”

Revealed in 2005 on TF1 in My Incredible Fiancé, Laurent Ournac has so far enjoyed a successful career that has propelled him to the heights. This exceptional actor had indeed chained the castings in successful productions such as Camping Paradis. The latter which had reached record audiences throughout the duration of its broadcast. His media … Read more