Literature. Farewell to Charles Simic, master of American poetry

American poet Charles Simic – Photo by Helen Simic, private archive Charles Simic, one of the most important American poets and not only of his generation, died yesterday at the age of 84. The last email I received from him was the – somewhat sardonic – question about who had won the Nobel Prize for … Read more

The new rooms of poetry, La Commèdia de Dante translated by Franco Narducci

On Sunday 16 October 2022 in the auditorium of the mother house of the Ferrari nuns in S. Gregorio Franco Narducci presented the translation into the Aquilan dialect of the second cantica of the Divine Comedy by Dante il Purgatorio, or rather ‘Il Priatorio’. Moderated by his brother Mario Narducciduring the meeting the professors illustrated … Read more

Blog | The fumes of the furnace, the Feast of Poetry which is a small miracle

As the most attentive of my twenty-five readers will have noticed, for some time I have decided to dedicate this space of mine not to the easy exercise of slating or to the sterile lamentation of the dominant ugliness, but to give space and voice to few events worthy of attention that I discover in … Read more

Classical Greek poetry # 3: Hipponatte, the exiled poet

“Hermes, my Hermes, son of Maia,Cillenio, I have a cold dog, and I beg you:[…] give a cloak to Hipponatte, and a coat,plush boots and sandals, and sixty staters of fine gold“. – Hipponatte Classical Greek Poetry – Hipponatte The genres of archaic Greek lyric were distinguished between monodic lyric and choral lyric. The word … Read more