“I don’t like Arabs”: victim of a racist attack, a CRS comes up against police inertia

On June 20, a CRS received two slaps from a colleague who told him “I don’t like Arabs” in front of witnesses, during a drink at the barracks. The incident gave rise to a complaint and an administrative investigation, which had been slow for four months. On June 20, 2022, the CRS 60, based near … Read more

In recidivism, the driver of a van who killed a police officer faces life imprisonment

In recidivism, the driver of a van who killed a policeman faces life imprisonment (AFP / LOIC VENANCE) The trial of Farès D., who admits to being the driver of a fleeing van having fatally mowed down a policeman during a night operation in Bron, in the suburbs of Lyon, opened on Monday before the … Read more

Racism in the police: Mediapart reveals an internal report which calls for “naming the facts by their name”


The cookies and similar technologies that we use on Mediapart are of different types and allow us to pursue different purposes. Some are necessary for the operation of the site and the mobile application (you cannot refuse them). Others are optional but help to facilitate your experience as a reader and in some way support … Read more

“Murderville”: police parody time | Netflix Premiere


Murderville (premiere last week on Netflix) is a rare audiovisual specimen. Mix of parody to police procedural, vehicle for showing off Will Arnett (producer and protagonist) and improvisation match where a guest must solve a case with detective Terry Seattle. With notable exceptions (Whose line is it anyway?, Curb your enthusiasm, The Larry Sanders Show, … Read more

Héctor Belascoarán Shayne, star of the Latin American black police, has his series on Netflix


Carlos Polimeni, N.A. Detective Héctor Belascoarán Shayne, who became famous in the late 1970s by winning a question-and-answer television program in Mexico, but as part of a strategy to solve a shady case of serial murders of women, is one of the great characters of the black Latin American police officer. “I became a detective … Read more

Cagliari, robbery and attacks a young man in the street but the police stop him


Famous Sardinians: actor, comedian, stand-up comedian and author, Benito Urgu, sympathy for power. Oristano, born of Bosan parents, has worked and still works with well-known personalities of the Italian show business, often performing with his character-speck: he is one of the greatest living island artists. Most recently he has worked on the hit film The … Read more

Nancy. Orpheopolis, village for young police orphans


At the big table, only Camille is finishing her snack for the moment. A 16-year-old young lady with a lively and smiling voice. When Luna comes to join her, the contrast is obvious: 18 years old, shy smile, somewhat reserved posture. “I only arrived a few weeks ago,” she says, closing the jar of Nutella. … Read more

Aggression of Hamraoui: a fifth man in police custody since Monday


PARIS: The government is “accelerating”, to the great displeasure of supporters of consultation: the bill aimed at launching new nuclear reactors as quickly as possible has been unveiled, with the desire to lay a first stone before the end of the five-year term of Emanuel Macron. While electricity needs will explode so that France can … Read more

More than seven years after the death of Amadou Koumé during his arrest with a strangulation key in Paris, three police officers sentenced to 15 months suspended imprisonment for manslaughter


More than seven years after the death of Amadou Koumé during his arrest with a strangulation key in Paris, three police officers have been sentenced to fifteen months suspended imprisonment for manslaughter. The death of this 33-year-old father was recorded at the tenth arrondissement police station on the night of March 5 to 6, 2015, … Read more

Best of local football: an incredible end to the series, the police on the ground and an excluded dog


This best-of will make you travel a lot in P3A of Liège. A lot of things happened including this end of the record series at Thisnes. Indeed, after 35 victories in a row, those nicknamed “The Galactics” were hooked by Wanze / Bas-Oha B in the 89th. So, if the Thisnois are still invincible, the … Read more