Polo Polo, “Mascabrothers” and more celebrities who broke it in comedy

His humor took him to TV and the theater. Photos: Getty Images | darkroom The mexican comedy who once led “Chespirito”, the valdes brothers Y “Cantinflas” has had new generations and among the figures that have given continuity to this genre are Polo Polo, German and Freddy Ortega, Moisés Suárez and Arath de la Torre. … Read more

The ‘Gobernathor’ is a great farce: Marco Polo, actor

When the pandemic drives an actor into lockdown, possibilities arise. It led Marco Polo, an actor in the dramatic genre for 20 years, to create the character of “Gobernathor”, a junior politician in Nuevo León who is surprised by poverty and the problems in your state. One day, on social networks, someone made a meme … Read more

Millions of laughs with Marco Polo in the Pavilion M Auditorium!

Marco Polo appeared last night at the Pavilion M Auditorium, bringing an avalanche of laughter and good humor. Everyone enjoys a good laugh, whether it’s from internet videos, stand up, goofy movies, or a stand-up comedian with amazing characters. And yesterday Marco Polo proved to be one of the most creative and incredible comedians in … Read more

Marco Polo promises to offer millions of laughs

MONTERREY, Nuevo León.- Loaded with new characters that thanks to the pandemic and the turn that politics in Nuevo León has had in the last eight months that he had the opportunity to create Marco Polofinally arrives at Pavilion M Auditorium with his show of parodies and imitations. The actor is more than ready to … Read more

“July for future”, the teen festival returns to Marco Polo

Also this year the ITT Marco Polo of Florence, in collaboration with the Murmuris Association, organizes the JULY FOR FUTURE. The second edition of the Festival of Adolescents, which saw the light in 2021, is destined to become an established habit. Open to the entire school community and open to the entire … Read more

the festival conceived by students of Marco Polo

Second edition for July for Future, the Festival of Adolescentsto be held from June 27 to July 1, in the garden of the ITT Marco Polo in Florence. The idea started with Ludovico Arte, the Director of the second grade secondary school in District 4 of Florence, and immediately had the aim of giving children … Read more