Bang Bang Baby: the series on the ‘Ndrangheta in Milan, between parody and pop

From tomorrow, May 19, 2022the Amazon streaming platform will add the remaining ones to its vast catalog five episodes of the first season of Bang Bang Baby, a story set in Milan in the 1980s that takes its cue from the book “The untouchable” by Marisa Merico published by Sperling & Kupfer. A sort of … Read more

‘Rick Grimes 2000’, Robert Kirkman’s pop hooligan at the expense of the walking dead

ECC publishes in Spain the five installments of this alternative history ‘The Walking Dead’ out of continuity, which the author wrote to celebrate the tenth anniversary of his publishing label. Notice to boaters: Rick Grimes2000 is not an appendix that complements the reading of the 193 published numbers of The walking dead. Nor is it … Read more

Bang Bang Baby, the ‘Ndrangheta between black humor and pop parody


Death is not funny like in the Big Babol commercial, where the cowgirl with blonde braids kills enemies with giant bubbles of chewing-gum, but in “Bang Bang Baby” the ‘Ndrangheta is a desecrating parody and even if there is talk of heroin, ringing Kalashnikovs and corpses dissolved in acid, black humor reigns supreme. Perhaps even … Read more

War in Ukraine: when the “tsarina of Russian pop” opposes Putin


Qa few days before Vladimir Putin announces rushed referendums in occupied parts of Ukraine and the mobilization of 300,000 more men, the Russian pop superstar Alla Pugacheva73, had posted a message denouncing the war on Instagram, where she has 3.5 million followers. At the beginning of October, she hammer the nail calling those who had … Read more

“The pop warbler has not died”: an experimental novel close to reality and far from high culture


“The pop warbler has not died” written by Criseida Santos Guevara The novel “The pop queen is not dead”, written by Criseida Santos Guevara, tells the story of Lupe, a lesbian who lives between Houston and Monterrey in constant pursuit of a stable salary; on one of those trips she meets Agnes, a Chilean immigrant, … Read more

Ramazzotti’s world tour, flag of our best pop, started from Seville


AGI – Elegant, charismatic, a stage craftsman, a craftsman like few in Italy, a country that often celebrates the pure incompetence of those who live on a quarter of an hour of light, strong from a hit, maximum one and a half hits, catapulted directly from his own bedroom in prime time music, a non-place … Read more

From the Sex Pistols to the Simpsons: Elizabeth II, pop culture icon


The omnipresence of the Queen of England in art, music and cinema underlines the place she occupied in popular imagery. From the Sex Pistols to the Simpsons, via the series The Crown or the James Bond films, the instantly recognizable image of Queen Elizabeth II was used in popular culture throughout her reign. Some did … Read more

Art, music and film tackled Queen Elizabeth II from parody to pop icon


From art, music and cinema, the British queen Elizabeth II, who died today at the age of 96, was approached as a pop icon or parodied figure and the works of the artist Andy Warhol, the songs of the Sex Pistols and the Beatles until the representation in the Netflix series “The Crown” or the … Read more