Smoking makes you cough: review of Dupieux’s Power Rangers

LOWER RANGERS Benzene, Methanol, Nicotine, Mercury and Ammonia are not the only toxic substances that can be found in a cigarette. They are also the five members of Tabac Force, a team of heroes who fight against the bad guys by suffocating them with their poisonous powers. In their tight suits, Gilles Lellouche, Anaïs Demoustier, … Read more

Delirium, the alcoholic superheroine who saves Madrid with the power of friendship

Delirium is the world’s first female superhero. One, as is becoming relatively common in Spanish fiction, protector of Madrid. She wonders about duty and responsibility, the power of friendship and the ability to maintain a more or less functional personal life while she saves the world. But there is something that makes it different from … Read more

Wanna Marchi was the emblem of the perverse and hypnotic power of TV, which we suffer today from social media


It is January 10, 1990 when in prime time Rai 1 airs the first episode of The betrothed, a script directed and starring Anna Marchesini, Massimo Lopez and Tullio Solenghi as a parody of the previous television adaptations of the homonymous novel by Alessandro Manzoni. In the fifth episode, when the plague breaks out in … Read more

In the Council of Ministers, a bill to accelerate nuclear power


The government presents Wednesday in the Council of Ministers its bill aimed at accelerating the construction of nuclear reactors, just when the public debate on the place of the atom in France is just beginning. While the need for electricity will grow to allow the country to extract itself from fossil fuels, President Emmanuel Macron … Read more

My precious: Andy Serkis says he loved The Rings of Power because it’s true to Peter Jackson’s trilogy


AFP The affection for the “real” Mama Coco grows on the Day of the Dead During the Day of the Dead festivities, a group of Mexican and foreign visitors leave a humble house, in the heart of the Michoacán lake region, with one certainty: Mama Coco, the protagonist of the famous Pixar animated film, lived … Read more

The best minds | It is not the right that is unpresentable, it is the left that is too ridiculous to move it from power


I have nothing against imbeciles: I have many imbecile friends. Imbeciles who pass for intelligent, moreover, since the average level is what it is, and if you have a degree the public thinks you are cultured (my grandmother thought so too, but my grandmother had a Padre Pio altar next to her bed: not he … Read more

New EPRs: how the government intends to accelerate nuclear power


While the need for electricity will grow to allow the country to extract itself from fossil fuels, Emmanuel Macron supports the construction of six new-generation EPR reactorswith an option for eight others, and the rise of renewable energies, solar and marine wind first. As of this Wednesday, a bill to speed up renewables, the deployment … Read more

The Rings of Power, season 2 could arrive well in advance


Excellent news for those who are following with great interest the release of each episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power on Prime Video, even knowing that the first season is quickly drawing to a close. We thus discover that the release date of the second season could arrive much sooner … Read more

Wind power: the investigators want the public to keep their say


Gathered in Montpellier for their general meeting, they are worried about the bill which plans to accelerate the production of renewable energy which would be to the detriment of the general public. They are around 3000 in France (200 in ex-Languedoc-Roussillon) and we usually hear about them when the controversy comes to an end. During … Read more