This video does not show the Ukrainian president dancing with a rocket launcher

Published on : 24/11/2022 – 13:43 Has the Ukrainian president been filmed dancing with a rocket launcher, while the war in Ukraine has been raging for more than nine months? This is claimed by many accounts on Twitter and Facebook. The sequence they are relying on is actually a parody video posted on Tiktok by … Read more

“The President: The Game of Corruption” returns with a second season and its author, Armando Bó, talks about this production


Oscar-winning writer Armando Bó (About Entertainment) returns to the series as showrunner and executive producer. Photo: Amazon Prime Video / Courtesy “The President: The Corruption Game” is by definition a satirical look behind the scenes of corruption in the world of football and also shows the origins of the transformation of FIFA, which went from … Read more

Word to. Pays de la Loire. A watchword: “sobriety”, for the President of the Region


“The worrying context that we are going through commands the sense of responsibility and the most great clarity possible. The Region, which has successfully supported the recovery plan the most of the Regions of Francecan no longer prolong a logic of “what whatever the cost” that its finances – like those of any community – … Read more

The deputy Karol Cariola did not publish a tweet about prohibiting by law rebuke the president of Chile

Copyright AFP 2017-2022. All rights reserved. Users on social networks have shared the screenshot of a tweet attributed to the deputy of the Communist Party of Chile Karol Cariola where the parliamentarian would have called to promote a bill that “prohibits people of any category” from rebuke the president of the country. The message has … Read more

Volodymyr Zelensky, portrait of the Ukrainian president standing up to Putin


Lhis experience in a famous television series was almost prophetic. Volodymyr Zelensky44 years old, since 2019 is the president of Ukraine. But, before he became one, he had one career who hugged different professional experiencesalso very heterogeneous. For one thing, he dubbed the Ukrainian version of the Paddington Bear Zelensky was the lead actor of … Read more

Latest from Liz Truss: US President Biden calls PM’s economic plans ‘mistake’


New Chancellor Jeremy Hunt says some tax rates will have to rise Joe Biden has said he thinks Liz Truss’ original economic plan – which sent the pound plummeting and spooked markets – was “a mistake”. “I just think I don’t agree with the policy, but that’s for Britain to make that judgment, not for … Read more

Salvador: President Bukele’s re


SAN SALVADOR: The announcement by Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele of his candidacy for re-election in 2024 rekindles the debate on the constitutionality of such a decision, normally prohibited but made possible by a controversial ruling by Supreme Court judges appointed by the parliamentary majority in favor of the Head of State. “I announce to the … Read more