10 Sequels That Tried To Undo The Previous Film, According To Reddit | Pretty Reel

With its October 14 theatrical release, Halloween Ends could wrap up Laurie’s longtime feud with Michael Myers after the original 1978 Halloween paved the way for her. And while fans can’t wait, they’re still reflecting on how Halloween Kills undid Michael’s disappearance from the original film with a flashback that shows Officer Hawkins and his … Read more

‘Tadeo Jones: The Emerald Table’ is an irregular adventure but better than the previous installments of the Spanish animation franchise

They say that there are not two without three, and with ‘Tadeo Jones: The Emerald Tablet’ we already have in Spain our first animation trilogy. What started out as a few parody shorts about a clumsy archaeologist ended up giving rise to our own animated adventure with the first installment of ‘Tadeo Jones’. Despite its … Read more

Starfield Character Creator Includes Optional Traits, Skill System That “Combines The Best” Of Previous Bethesda Games

Fans finally got their first meaningful look at Starfield, and in addition to new details about space exploration and combat, players now know how character creation and skills work in Bethesda’s new RPG. As part of the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, Starfield game director Todd Howard described Starfield’s character designer as the studio’s “most flexible … Read more