The journalist Roberto Rondero likes the new season of El Privilegio de Mandar

“I would have liked it to be on open television”, “but it is not ruled out”, he confided He said that he sees a greater balance of forces and a good job of characterization and makeup. By Carlos Pozos (Lord Molecule) Mexico City, Monday, November 14, 2022.- Friends of Lord Molecula Oficial and of this … Read more

“Those of us who saw chapter 13 of El Privilegio de Mandar were very disappointed”: Carlos Pozos

The Analysis Board questioned the duration of just 15 minutes and 7 sketches which in its recent issuance was described as bored and lack of humorwith nothing to invite laughter This program reflected a clear tendency to hit Mario Delgado, National President of MORENA He highlighted the mockery of the refusal to appear before Congress … Read more

El Privilegio de Mandar fulfills its function of making people laugh, says journalist Diego Elías Cedillo

“You took the night,” says José Luis Palacios to Lord Molécula The political agenda eats the program, says Saúl Santana By Carlos Pozos (Lord Molecule) Mexico City, Monday, September 26, 2022.- Journalists who analyzed the television program El Privilegio de Mandar, in its recent broadcast, recognize that it fulfills its function of making the public … Read more

Pro4T youtubers prepare lawsuits against “El Privilegio de Mandar”

Not everyone has made the program “El Privilegio de Mandar” laugh. They inform us that one of its most viewed segments is the parody that is made of the presidential morning section “Who is who in the Lies”, and that several of the youtubers related to the so-called Fourth Transformation, who are parodied for their … Read more