Davos Forum, a Chinese company announces a blockchain project to become the “SWIFT” of stablecoins

Annual Davos World Economic Forum A SWIFT-like system for cryptocurrencies issued and regulated by banks was announced at the annual forum in Davos. The initiative comes from a company participating in the construction of the national blockchain project in China. In effect, a Hong Kong-based blockchain company launched a digital payments system aimed at bridging … Read more

Pension reform: “This project is not anti

13:47 Closing of live This is the end of this live, thank you for having followed. Find the latest information on the pension reform on the Parisian website. Good day to all. 12:45 “My retirement account” inaccessible for a time due to heavy traffic Attendance at “My Retirement Account”, which allows users to simulate their … Read more

Pension reform: La France insoumise denounces an “unfair, brutal and cruel” project

The opposition reacted quickly to the presentation by Elisabeth Borne of her pension reform project on Tuesday. The main personalities of La France insoumise have thus drawn up the vitriolic criticism of the text. In front of the National Assembly, in front of the press. This Tuesday, the government, led by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, … Read more

Is there a pilot on the plane ? : how did Paramount transform the project?

In 1980, David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker, known as the ZAZ, staged their first feature film: “Is there a pilot on the plane? “. A project that was possible thanks to the intervention of Paramount Pictures. We explain the genesis of the film. Is there a pilot on the plane ? : a … Read more

“In 2023, I wish you to love me”: “Blast” parodies Emmanuel Macron and launches his “Project M” inspired by the “Guignols”

Ludovic Galtier, Puremediapublished on January 1, 2023 Denis Robert, founder of the independent news site “Blast”, and Bruno Gaccio, former author of the hit show, worked for months on the return of the cult satirical program. The “Project M” is launched. On December 30, “Blast” posted the first sequence of its new version of “Guignols … Read more

European solidarity: the MidCat gas pipeline project crystallizes the difficulties in moving from words to deeds

Energy interconnections are more than crucial in these times of “European solidarity” forced by the energy crisis. One project illustrates the difficulties: the MidCat gas pipeline between Spain and France, which puts the biggest economic powers on the continent back to back. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, however, hammered it … Read more

“Showtime. A big play»: The Bocal Project facing the big stage

Since 2013, the Bocal Project has established its unique niche through its irresistible quirky humor and originality. After bringing all its projects into the world in the cocoon of La Petite Licorne, the company founded by Raphaëlle Lalande, Sonia Cordeau and Simon Lacroix is ​​radically changing its environment for its new opus. Invited to do … Read more

“Balance ton pont”, a parody of Angèle to denounce Jargeau’s diversion project

This is a song that was a hit in 2019: Swing your what, signed by the Belgian singer Angèle, has just been taken over by the collective “The Loire Will Live”. Opponents of Jargeau diversion project have done a parody accompanied by a video posted this weekend. “We recorded this song at the end of … Read more

Interest rates are holding back a residency project at Université Laval

This means that the budget of 40 million dollars, authorized by the board of directors, is proving insufficient for a second time in the face of the test of the market. The institution speaks ofa perfect storm to explain its decision not to select any bidder. The University’s housing project must deal with an unfavorable … Read more