Troll accounts that pose as profiles of “socialists, “Podemos” and “feminists” to manipulate public discourse ·

Resources used Own production material B.They seek to manipulate public discourse and misinform. They are troll accounts that pose as “feminist” or “anti-fascist” profiles, and some even claim to belong to certain parties or hold public positions that sometimes do not exist. These profiles mix political content with other more grotesque to discredit them, a … Read more

How the troll accounts have been used to affirm that people from other communities attended the demonstration for public health in Madrid with the transfer and the subsistence paid

Resources used reverse google search Google search The demonstration for public health in the Community of Madrid, which was held on Sunday, November 13 in the capital, has caused a series of troll or parody accounts that circulate on Twitter to publish disinformation about the call. These profiles ensure that from the PSOE attendees from … Read more

“Un naufrage”, “mal écrit”, “Isabelle Adjani joue comme Arielle Dombasle” : la fiction Diane de Poitiers (France 2) consterne le public


Diane de Poitiers était l’une des fictions très attendues de ce mois de novembre sur le petit écran. Mais le soufflé est rapidement retombé au cours de la soirée et il suffit d’aller faire un tour sur les réseaux sociaux pour le vérifier. La fiction signée Josée Dayan, qui rassemblait au casting Isabelle Adjani, JoeyStarr, … Read more

New EPRs: full house for the launch of the public debate

Paris, report “ Regarding nuclear power, citizens generally have the impression that the decision has already been taken and that they are presented with a fait accompli. »launched the host to Chantal Jouanno, president of the National Commission for Public Debate and former Secretary of State for Ecology [1]. “ Often it’s more than a … Read more

Tunisie : La gratuité de l’enseignement public, l’autre illusion perdue de la méritocratie


AA/ Tunis/ Majdi Ismail « L’enseignement est obligatoire jusqu’à l’âge de seize ans. L’Etat garantit le droit à l’enseignement public gratuit à tous ses niveaux. Il veille à fournir les ressources nécessaires au service d’une éducation, d’un enseignement et d’une formation de qualité », dispose l’article 44 de la nouvelle Constitution tunisienne de 2022. Ce … Read more

Wind power: the investigators want the public to keep their say


Gathered in Montpellier for their general meeting, they are worried about the bill which plans to accelerate the production of renewable energy which would be to the detriment of the general public. They are around 3000 in France (200 in ex-Languedoc-Roussillon) and we usually hear about them when the controversy comes to an end. During … Read more

Michel Leeb: “The public and the stage are essential to my survival”


JI knew Eric Assous (French author and screenwriter, Editor’s note) for a very long time and I have always asked him: ‘Write me a play! Write me a play!’, says, with a smile in his voice, French comedian, actor and singer Michel Leeb. Then one day he said to me: ‘Here I have a coin. … Read more

David Reinoso, Víctor Aráuz and Christian Maquilón offer public apologies to their audience and announce a new show function | People | Entertainment


Actors David Reyes, Victor Arauz Y Christian Maquilon They published this Wednesday a video of apologies to their public due to the complaint of several for not being able to get tickets to their show. This occurred in the midst of the controversy that surrounds the actors and the television presenter Caroline James for a … Read more

On France 3, “La Traversée de Bourvil”: “He was at the service of the public, he played to please them”


Broadcast this September 23, a documentary explores the hidden sides of the career of the actor, whose immense talent was deployed far beyond comedy. Interview with one of his two sons, Philippe Raimbourg. Professor of financial economics at the University of Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Philippe Raimbourg was 17 years old in 1970 when his father, Bourvil, … Read more

An Armchair For The Orchestra – The site of Parisian theater reviews » Iliad and Odyssey, after Homère, directed by Pauline Bayle, Théâtre Public de Montreuil


Sep 20, 2022 | Comments off on Iliad and Odyssey, after Homère, directed by Pauline Bayle, Théâtre Public de Montreuil Iliad © Blandine Soulage ƒƒƒ article of Sylvie Boursier ” Looking for men for uncertain travel, modest wages […] long periods of extreme danger, return not assured. Glory and fame if successful. Here is the … Read more