Resignation of an elected municipal official from Les Mureaux: “What Boris experienced was pure and hard racism”

He was not a native of Les Mureaux. But Boris Venon felt a real “ love for the city, a fine example of living together “, fourteen years ago, pushing him to settle there, then to be elected there under the socialist colors in 2014. But here it is. At the end of the municipal … Read more

“It’s the love of my life, half of my life”: at the trial of the Nice attack, the pure and heartbreaking words of Audrey for her twin sister, Laura, who died at 13

Audrey, before the special assize court of Paris, Tuesday September 27, 2022. ERWAN FAGES FOR “THE WORLD” “We looked like two drops of water. She was my mirror. She bore my character and I hers. We had no secrets from each other. I was her intimate book and she was mine. She’s the love of … Read more

Review: “Thor: Love and Thunder” is pure and crazy cinema

The last complete Thor movie was the baroque “Thor: Ragnarok” from 2017, in which the God of Thunder faced conflicts with his brothers, the imminent destruction of his planet, an alcoholic partner, a huge dog, his friend Hulk with a panic attack and the death of his father. It was Taika Waititi cinema at its … Read more

César Cadaval, Los Morancos: “Our way of making humor is with love and tenderness, we are pure”

They come from the genuine neighborhood of Triana (Seville), a place touched by freshness and creativity. The Morancos They have been in the orbit of costumbrista humor for 40 years, enjoying audiences that others, more subtle and refined, would already like for themselves. They return with their stretcher table decorations and their folkloric fauna of … Read more

The man against the bee (Man vs Bee, 2022) The horror series of the year. Cool. Pure Mr. Bean

It has premiered in Netflix The man against the bee, a series that I personally really wanted since I saw it announced. There are 9 episodes that barely add up to 100 minutes in its entirety and it is the return of Rowan Atkinson to the closest thing to his iconic character, mr bean. Comedy, … Read more

Imagine a Rick and Morty storyline with music that is pure sadistic rage, the result is a shooter that I highly recommend.

Kicks, shots and bloodbaths, and all for a stolen sneaker in one of the stupidest shooters I remember playing For some time now, the video game has been filled with titles that I like to consider as “stupid“. It’s not even an offense. We’re talking about games that because of their premise, gameplay or the … Read more