Le show biz défend les droits LGBT à la télévision publique polonaise mais pas au Qatar | Ojim.fr

Courage ou conformisme ? Pendant le concert annuel « Saint Sylvestre de rêve » (Sylwester Marzeń) organisé par la télévision publique polonaise (TVP), les membres du groupe américain de hip hop Black Eyed Peas arboraient des brassards aux couleurs de l’arc-en-ciel LGBT et se sont fendus d’une critique des autorités du pays hôte : « Nous ne sommes pas Black Eyed … Read more

Football in Qatar. Rai also sets a record with the “circle” of the World Cup

Lele Adani – Ansa If we talk about numbers, then Rai is the third triumphant force of the World Cup, with Qatar as organizer and Argentina as world champion on the field. The Rai exclusive edition produced audience records and a finale with a bang: Argentina-France reached a 68.6% share, beating the 2018 final broadcast … Read more

The best memes and tweets from the World Cup final in Qatar: “In France, they laugh. In Argentina, they laugh”

This Monday there is no talk of anything else. Argentina won the World Cup in Qatar this Sunday on penalties after a heart-stopping final against France. Night of joy for Argentines. Argentina in 9 months pic.twitter.com/FSe7yXLIO7 — Yogulated (@Supertramp9713) December 18, 2022 For the French, somewhat less. pic.twitter.com/dIk7gZU6cq — 🇵🇱🇲🇨 (@altanorte) December 18, 2022 The … Read more

The “story” of Messi mopping with the Mexico shirt and other hoaxes about the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The World Cup in Qatar 2022 is over and Argentina will take home its third cup. In the last four weeks, each meeting generated intense emotions and, among them, misinformation also crept in. In Verificador de La República, we collected the hoaxes that circulated in the recent edition of the international tournament. Did Messi “mop” … Read more

Qatar 2022: in the footsteps of Walid Regragui, child of Corbeil

Walid Regragui was born in 1975 in Corbeil-Essonnes, a popular town of 50,000 inhabitants, located southeast of Paris. It was here that the Franco-Moroccan started kicking the ball at the end of the 1980s, in the Montconseil district, at the foot of his tower, now destroyed. With his childhood friends, he faces in particular the … Read more

Qatar 2022: end of dream for Senegal, Morocco only hope of Africa

The Lions of Teranga bowed their backs to the English Three, or three, English Lions were enough to bring down eleven Senegalese Lions! This is the story of the Round of 16 of this Sunday of the 22nd edition of the Qatar 2022 football world cup. Three English Lions who were called Jordan Henderson, Harry … Read more

“Mariano, 12 years old. Free topic”: joking with Rajoy’s latest column on the World Cup in Qatar

Murakami trembles, another candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature has been born. His name is none other than M. Rajoy and his sharp verb is causing admiration in the world of letters and sports journalism. For those who do not get anything from M. Rajoy (that there are), we are talking about the very … Read more

Hoaxes about the spontaneous person who interrupted during a World Cup match in Qatar · Maldita.es

On November 28, during the match between Portugal and Uruguay in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, a spontaneous jumped onto the pitch with a peace flag along with messages supporting the protests in Iran or calling for an end to the conflict in Ukraine. Some images that have gone viral on social media along … Read more