Queen Elizabeth II: Series and movies that enhanced her life through the screens

Editorial Office (ALN).- His death caused a great stir around the world; where many personalities from both the artistic and sports worlds, and especially the heads of state, offered their condolences to the royal family. Despite the fact that British royalty has always kept the private life of its members hermetically sealed, this has generated … Read more

Did BBC News install a camera inside Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin?

It’s false. The video that circulated on social networks that supposedly shows the interior of the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II is a humorous montage broadcast on a Dutch television program. The British news portal BBC He did not install cameras in the sovereign’s coffin, as several users on Twitter and Facebook wrongly point out. … Read more

God shave the queen

Art can become virtuously official or fiercely transgressive. We can attest to this with regard to musical and graphic works created around the figure of the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II of England. In 1974, the group Queen offered a version of “God Save the Queen”, the English national anthem, performed by its guitarist Brian … Read more

A look back at Queen Elizabeth ll’s wedding dress, made with Syrian brocade


MONTREAL: Disney may not have expected so many reactions after the Saturday, September 10 release of the teaser for its remake of The little Mermaidin which black actress Halle Bailey plays Ariel in a live-action adaptation. Shortly after its release, the teaser sparked a heated debate about racism in the world of cinema. A choice … Read more

Death of Elizabeth II: Princess Anne splits the armor and evokes with emotion the last 24 hours of the Queen


As tributes to Elizabeth II, who died on September 8, continue, her daughter, Princess Anne, who is not used to showing her emotions, expressed herself yesterday in a moving press release in which she reveals to have “was lucky” to be at his mother’s side during “his last 24 hours”. Princess Anne breaks the silence. … Read more

Elizabeth II: Films and series featuring the character of the queen


From the Sex Pistols to The Simpsons, from The Crown to the James Bond films, the instantly recognizable image of Queen Elizabeth II has been used in popular culture throughout her reign. Some did it with tenderness, others scratched it, but Her Majesty’s omnipresence in art, music and cinema underlined the important place she occupied … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II: Movies and series to learn about the life of the UK monarch

The passing of the Queen isabel II from the United Kingdom at the age of 96 has caused a stir around the world; Hundreds of personalities from the artistic and sports world have offered their condolences to the royal family, and millions continue to mourn the tragic event. The life and long history of the … Read more

Queen Elizabeth and her corgi dogs. A love born in 1933. Who will take care of them?


AgenPress – For many people around the world, the word corgi is forever linked to Queen Elizabeth II. Princess Diana once called them a “moving walk” always alongside her mother-in-law. Small squat and fluffy dogs with a sharp bark, corgis were constant companions of the late queen since she was a child. She has owned … Read more

The appearances that Queen Elizabeth II had in Hollywood movies


Throughout his reign, the Queen isabel II he appeared quite often in show business. There were several productions, such as feature films or television series, that decided to represent the monarch. Perhaps the most famous title is The Crownbut there are also several films They gave a lot to talk about. Queen Elizabeth II when … Read more