Roberto Corradino after the show: «Unexpected misunderstandings, we apologize and are ready to dialogue with the school and parents»

«We want to clarify with the families of the children the unexpected misunderstandings we have encountered. Evidently the words used were unclear, the expectations disappointed and disregarded. Unfortunately this is a mutual perception, and as it is right we, Verso Sud, apologize and are very ready to open a direct dialogue with the school and … Read more

Do you have everything ready for Halloween?: Pedrito Sola’s costume went viral with everything and mayonnaise

The economist by profession was born on January 28, 1947, he is currently 75 years old. (Instagram photo: @tiopredritosola) There are a few days left HalloweenFor this reason, ideas for costumes inspired by terrifying characters began to circulate on social networks. However, everything seems to indicate that this year many people are reconsidering wearing their … Read more

Ready player Schwarzenegger (y 2)

Portada original (ja) del videojuego Navy Moves. (Viene de la primera parte) Arnold Schwarzenegger no solo fue el molde cinematográfico para el cine acción de los ochenta y noventa. También ejerció de puente de unión entre las macarradas de la gran pantalla y las aventuras pixeladas en los pequeños televisores de salón. Porque en el … Read more

Merate. National Theater Festival, everything is ready for the 6th edition

First appointment with the national theater festival on October 15th in the Auditorium 94 proposals arrived, among which the artistic commission has selected four shows MERATE – The curtain will open on Saturday 15 October 2022 on the sixth edition of the Theater Festival organized by Ronzinante with the patronage of the Municipality of Merate … Read more

Everything is ready for the ninth edition of the Romagna Festival, which chooses Cervia as a location

The ninth edition of the Romagna Festival promoted by Fe.da. srl and E ‘Culturalmente Aps, has chosen Cervia as the center of gravity of tourist hospitality and the cultural proposal of the Adriatic coast and also this year proposes a calendar of events for the tourists present and residents. Art, exhibitions, music, stories and traditions … Read more

Cyber, spatial, informational war: is France ready to face a hybrid war?

It is another form of warfare, which now combines ambiguous means and actions, military or not, conventional or irregular forces, like the conflict in Crimea in 2014. Hybrid warfare is played out in gray areas such as oceans, space, cyber and informational fields. Gray areas whose control is essential to anticipate attacks and why not … Read more

Preview The Quarry: get ready for a Friday the 13th Until Dawn

Preview of The Quarrythe next survival horror from Supermassive Games, the makers ofUntil Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes. Supermassive Games is capable of the best and the worst. In 2015, the English signed the coup Until Dawn, one of the unexpected successes of the PS4 which had seduced the public with … Read more

Jensen Ackles joins The Boys cast: ‘I was ready to do anything to land the role of Soldier Boy’

INTERVIEW – The American actor, revealed in Supernatural, embodies Soldier Boy. This new character from season 3, available on Prime Video, proves that the satirical series still has a bright future ahead of it. “There’s nothing this actor can’t do”told us Eric Kripke about Jensen Ackles. It is surely for this reason that the showrunner … Read more