Ciccio and Franco real phenomena

The cover of the book They do not come from the apprenticeship, but from further down, from the depths of the street theater. Squares and markets, the Vuccirìa, Ballarò. They are “jumpers”, as Macario calls them (or was it Petrolini?) In his memoirs. On the verge of begging, Franco (apparently) sometimes also devoted to pickpocketing, … Read more

Mariottide feat Fernandello “Sudo e Basta”, the real hit 2022

On Tuesday 19th July it came out on Youtube I just sweatthe single of Mariottide feat Fernandelloa song that is the result of the ironic and surreal comedy of Maccio Capatonda. The song in 3 days has exceeded half a million views, thanks to the histrionic video clip! In a summer characterized by an … Read more

‘Canelo’ Álvarez one more! All the real boxers who have appeared in the movies ‘Rocky’ and ‘Creed’


rocky is one of those legendary movies in the history of cinema and of sport. Sylvester Stallone created a mythical character, who gave him an Oscar and more than 40 years later, the possibility of continuing among boxing fans and the big screen. Although it is not a 100% original creation, because it was inspired … Read more

Massacres of September 28, 2009: “we demand that it be a real trial, and not a travesty of justice”, says Me Alpha Amadou DS Bah of the OGDH

The trial of the massacres of September 28, 2009 at the Conakry stadium could start in Guinea on September 26 next. This date has yet to be validated by the Steering Committee for the organization of the said trial, but the progress made in recent months in the preparation of this event suggests that the … Read more

In Mayenne: a real estate agency allows you to buy your house on television


By Charlie Cretor Published on 28 Mar 22 at 14:28 Upper Anjou See my news Follow this media For the television program Proprio at all costs, broadcast since January 2022 on TMC, Grégory Germain also wants to highlight real estate in South Mayenne with his agency Sorin Immobilier. (©Haut Anjou) Launched January 3, 2022the emission … Read more

Narbonne: “It was a real pleasure to shoot together”, welcomes Ahmed Sylla


On the occasion of the release of “Twins but not too much”, Ahmed Sylla and Bertrand Usclat will be present at the CGR in Narbonne for the screening of the preview of the film this Saturday evening, from 9 p.m. Double encounter. On September 28, the film “Twins but not too many” will be released … Read more

Meet ‘La cabezona Ingrid’, the tiktoker who parodies real life cases


BY: Estefany Valladares Although we all thought its funny tiktoks they were inspired by his life, the truth is that they were not. Ingrid Pardón Alegre, better known as ‘La cabezona Ingrid’, imagines and creates each of her videos and thanks her almost 400 thousand followers for loving her so much and always challenging her … Read more

This is what animated characters would look like in real life: Buzz Lightyear, Rick & Morty and more

One of them is Hossein Diba, an expert in 3D digital character modeling, sculpting, texturing and shading. He has worked on various projects since 2008 and thanks to his knowledge of human anatomy he managed to recreate the characters of various cartoons so that they look as if they were real. This is what the … Read more

No, this video does not show a real robot training for combat: it is a computer generated animation


Categories Resources used Reverse Google Search InVid Observation With statements like “the images are of authentic terror, even more dehumanized wars, if possible than the current ones” (sic) or “this scares me a little… well no, a lot” is shared on Twitter, following a tweet by Arturo Pérez Revertea video allegedly showing a robot walking … Read more

Rüdiger, presented as a new Real Madrid player | Real Madrid CF

NEWS STORY. 06/20/2022 “One of the best defenders in the world joins us, who will give everything in every game to continue forging the history of the club,” said president Florentino Pérez. Antonio Rüdiger has been introduced as a new Real Madrid player. The event was held at Real Madrid City and began with the … Read more