“The pop warbler has not died”: an experimental novel close to reality and far from high culture


“The pop warbler has not died” written by Criseida Santos Guevara The novel “The pop queen is not dead”, written by Criseida Santos Guevara, tells the story of Lupe, a lesbian who lives between Houston and Monterrey in constant pursuit of a stable salary; on one of those trips she meets Agnes, a Chilean immigrant, … Read more

A theatrical Kirchnerism to evade an unbearable reality


A French illustrator, in his sixties and disenchanted, resentful of his wife and perplexed by this world crossed by new technologies, receives a strange gift: his son signs him up for a “time travel”, an original service provided by a company run by an ineffable filmmaker for high-end clients. This peculiar company uses theatrical techniques … Read more

Nacho G. Velilla: «Drama distorts reality more than comedy»


Javier Navio Updated:08/11/2022 19:14h Save RELATED NEWS “Half a million men travel to Istanbul every year to get their hair done.” When Nacho G. Velilla read that headline in a newspaper, he knew immediately that within that sentence there was a movie. «The ideas for my films come from observation, from looking at what is … Read more

Ricardo O’Farrill and his parody of gastronomic “reality shows” in “Fucking comedians”


From eating all kinds of delicacies on his YouTube channel alongside celebrities, Ricardo O’Farrill you will have to be more flexible with your palate as a conductor of fucking comediansa series that parodies gastronomic reality shows that link food with comedy. “(Food) is one of the best things that can exist in life and if … Read more

Don’t look up, between parody and political reality | The Bo Live UniPD

We laugh a lot watching Don’t Look Up, released on Netflix on December 24, but there is a bitter laugh: it is a film that, although full of absurd situations, does not exaggerate at all. It shows the political elites of the United States exactly as they are: greedy and brainless, while the media that … Read more