This amendment of the MoDem on the 35h will not pacify the debates on the pension reform

JACQUES DEMARTHON via AFP Notary elected in the 2nd constituency of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Jean-Paul Mattéi takes the lead of the 47 Modem deputies in the National Assembly. This close friend of François Bayrou succeeds Patrick Mignola who was not re-elected in Savoie. JACQUES DEMARTHON via AFP Jean-Paul Mattéi is the president of the Modem group in … Read more

Pension reform: “This project is not anti

13:47 Closing of live This is the end of this live, thank you for having followed. Find the latest information on the pension reform on the Parisian website. Good day to all. 12:45 “My retirement account” inaccessible for a time due to heavy traffic Attendance at “My Retirement Account”, which allows users to simulate their … Read more

Pension reform: the government’s plan to avoid 49.3

Elisabeth Borne listens to the Minister responsible for relations with Parliament, Franck Riester, under the gaze of the Ministers of Labor and Justice, Olivier Dussopt and Eric Dupond-Moretti, before the start of the session of questions to the government, January 10, 2023 . JULIEN MUGUET FOR “THE WORLD” At the end of 2022, after endless … Read more

Pension reform: a day of mobilization from January 19

The battle begins. The day after the presentation of the pension reform, the unions are preparing to mobilize from January 19, in a united front against the postponement of the legal age to 64 years. After three months of procrastination and consultation, the government has delivered its verdict and confirmed the expected increase in the … Read more

Pension reform: the day after, each camp prepares its arguments

The day after the presentation of the pension reform, the real battle begins. On the government side, the objective is now to convince the French of the need for the project. In the opposition, we will insist on the unjust and undemocratic nature, and try to weaken the possible alliance between the majority and LR. … Read more

Pension reform: La France insoumise denounces an “unfair, brutal and cruel” project

The opposition reacted quickly to the presentation by Elisabeth Borne of her pension reform project on Tuesday. The main personalities of La France insoumise have thus drawn up the vitriolic criticism of the text. In front of the National Assembly, in front of the press. This Tuesday, the government, led by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, … Read more

Viespoli: “Differentiated autonomy? For the South the problem was Title V reform”

“Will the center-right change the Constitution? The center-left overturned it in 2001” Benevento. The bugbear of‘differentiated autonomya used at a propaganda level has the same value as for the accountant Fantozzi had the Battleship Kotiomkin, parody of the Potemkin. This would summarize the position of Pasquale Viespoli, former Undersecretary for Welfare and expert on … Read more

Health, Giuliano (UGL): “There is a lack of staff to implement the reform of the local medicine. There is the risk of yet another failure “

“A few talks and many facts: the political movement Sud Chiama Nord will again involve citizens, today more than ever disaffected by the theater of old and new parties, to free Italy together, starting from Sicily”, so in a press release Cateno De Luca and Dino Giarrusso announce the name and symbol of their political … Read more