Tullio Solenghi takes Woody Allen to the theatre, but the result is not what he hoped for

To interpret Woody Allen it is a very complex thing, let alone bring it on stage, to the theatre. She tried Tullio Solenghi with his new show entitled “God is dead, and I don’t feel so good either“, on the stage of the Theater of the Marsi of Avezzano last January 31st. Considered, with good … Read more

They find in the house of a former Bolsonaro minister a decree to reverse the electoral result in Brazil

EFE Latam Videos Rafael Amaya returns to “El Señor de los Cielos” to tell the “truth” of the narco Los Angeles (USA), Jan 12 (EFE).- Rafael Amaya returns as the protagonist of “El Señor de los Cielos”, the most successful narconovela of all time, to tell the world what “really” happens in the world of … Read more

At the age of 81, an amateur painter improvises herself as a restorer: the result is unprecedented damage

A painter improvises herself as a restorer but causes irreparable damage. But what exactly happened? Let’s find out together. A restoration in 2012 went around the world and especially on social networks where reactions were not lacking. A restoration that will surely go down in history and has made a small Spanish town famous. Photo … Read more

Imagine a Rick and Morty storyline with music that is pure sadistic rage, the result is a shooter that I highly recommend.

Kicks, shots and bloodbaths, and all for a stolen sneaker in one of the stupidest shooters I remember playing For some time now, the video game has been filled with titles that I like to consider as “stupid“. It’s not even an offense. We’re talking about games that because of their premise, gameplay or the … Read more

Bridgerton: The Simpsons parody the series and the result is very very funny (PHOTO)

The Bridgerton madness has contaminated The Simpsons. The cult animated series created by Matt Groening parodied The Bridgerton Chronicle, to catch up on Netflix, and as always, the result is hilarious. Born in 1989, The Simpsons is the longest-running American animated series in history, and has been renewed for a 34th season! After learning – … Read more