Review of 2022 Reviewed and corrected | Alluring Chinese buffet

There’s something for everyone at the traditional end-of-year review of the Rideau Vert, which strings sketches (and costume changes!) at lightning speed. A very varied menu, tasteful overall, with some remarkable dishes, safe bets and dumplings (a little heavy). Posted at 12:29 p.m. These include the war in Ukraine, the convoy of truckers, Hockey Canada, … Read more

‘The Secret of the Greco Family’. The review

It is available on Netflix the first season of The secret of the Greco familya Mexican series, consisting of nine episodes, created by Sebastian Ortega. A crime drama set in a seemingly happy family. Between kidnappings, torture and murders, the conflict between appearance and reality emerges in an oppressive family context. Based on true events, … Read more

Smoking makes you cough: review of Dupieux’s Power Rangers


LOWER RANGERS Benzene, Methanol, Nicotine, Mercury and Ammonia are not the only toxic substances that can be found in a cigarette. They are also the five members of Tabac Force, a team of heroes who fight against the bad guys by suffocating them with their poisonous powers. In their tight suits, Gilles Lellouche, Anaïs Demoustier, … Read more

The Menu, Thriller Review With Anya Taylor


On November 17, 2022 it was released in Italian cinemas The Menuthe new thriller distributed by Searchlight Pictures with protagonists Ralph Fiennes And Anya Taylor-Joy. Director Mark Mylod (Ali G2005) signs a certainly original film, which does not find its strong point in the script and in the development of the story, but rather in … Read more

‘RRR’ Review: SS Rajamouli’s Glorious Indian Action Show


“Delirious” is the word to describe SS Rajamouli’s Indian action-adventure film that has become a worldwide phenomenon both in theaters and on Netflix since its release this summer. This big-budget Telugu-language show starring Tollywood NT superstars Rama Rao Jr. and Ram Charan as revolutionaries battling the British Raj in 1920 features the kind of dizzying … Read more

glass onion. Knives Out. The film review


A critique against social classes characterized by brilliant writing, full of twists and flashbacks but above all very careful to calibrate the information on the characters. ————————————————– ——— UNICINEMA LAST MINUTE! – A NEW IDEA OF UNIVERSITY. STILL OPEN ENROLLMENTS FOR 2023! ————————————————– ——— It all starts with a game. Miles Bron (Edward Norton) invites … Read more

Show review: “Political Playlist” by Emilie Rousset, a modest and ambitious object


It is a strange object, both wide and short, both modest and ambitious. It is difficult to really evaluate this show, which leaves a taste of unfinished, but whose interest is perhaps precisely that. As its title suggests, “Political Playlist” is a show that intends to focus on the relationship between politics and music. On … Read more