Asterix & Obelix The Middle Kingdom Review: For Toutatis! |

Asterix & Obelix The Middle Kingdom marks the eagerly awaited return to the cinema of the legendary and irreverent characters who symbolize popular comics from beyond the Alps, who, over sixty years after their creation, are still among the funniest ever. Because, as the comic itself has often reminded us, the biggest does not always … Read more

Review En Place, season 1: blank vote

In placea logical sequel to Tout Simplement Noir, fails everything that Jean-Pascal Zadi’s first film had brilliantly achieved. In Place is the logical continuity of Simply Blackwhere the first feature film by Jean-Pascal Zadi and John Wax showed on its poster the actor, director and screenwriter as President of the Republic. But now, between the … Read more

Anatar. The movie review

Unconvincing sci-fi comedy that mimics Avatar, following the style of Scary Movie, but with difficulty finds the irreverent and funny parody key. —————————- ONLINE DIRECTORY MASTERCLASS WITH MIMMO CALOPRESTI —————————- Anatar is a sci-fi comedy that was born as a parody of the blockbuster Avatarsreferencing the Monty Python movies and the comedy of titles such … Read more

Sole Candidate, the review: the parodic revolution of the marginalized

The review of Candidato Unico, a French-style television series available on Netflix where the presidential race of a young man from the suburbs of African origins is a parodic look at the vices and virtues of society beyond the Alps. Making people laugh by lightly dealing with social issues with a strong, pregnant, culturally heavy … Read more

For the review the “Thursday Stand Up Comedy” Gennaro Scarpato on stage on January 26 at the Teatro Sancarluccio.

Advertisements Full Heads Comedy and Teatro Sancarluccio present the “Thursday Stand Up Comedy” Advertisements new appointment with Gennaro Scarpato in “Alone Solitudes Soliloquies” Thursday 26 January 2023 At Sancarluccio Theatre via S. Pasquale, 49 – Naples – start at 21:00 presale ticket euro 12+2 euro dp from 20.00 ticket at the cash desk euro 12 … Read more

Review Youssef Salem is successful: lies of love

Youssef Salem is successful offers Ramzy Bedia one of his best roles, in addition to signing a new success for the duo Baya Kasmi & Michel Leclerc. Youssef Salem is successful follows very closely Tastes and colorsa previous collaboration between Baya Kasmi and Michel Leclerc, which already explored societal fractures and prejudices, this time around … Read more


Glass Onion – Knives Out is a film by Rian Johnson (former director of the first film, Cena con delitto – Knives Out) included in the Netflix streaming platform, after a brief cinematic coverage which, according to estimates, should have earned more than 10 million euros worldwide. Part of the Knives Out saga, the film … Read more

“Nope”: the review of the new film by Jordan Peele

“Nope”to be released on August 11 in Italian cinemas, is the third work resulting from the brilliant mind of Jordan Peele, the American director, screenwriter and producer, who in recent years has secured, with great character and intelligence, the primacy of modern ” Master of the Thrill”. “Nope”: The Synopsis The movie sees Daniel Kaluuja … Read more

Willow: fantasy hemorrhoid review on Disney+

willow cost We had used the first three episodes as a pretext to vilify the aesthetic conformism and the general darkening of part of the platform productions. After this false real start, things don’t get any better, on the contrary. Accentuating to the point of parody the underexposure characteristic of the ugly series that abound … Read more

Film review: “De Humani Corporis Fabrica” ​​by Verena Paravel and Lucien Castaing

A cultural object scrutinized by a free and assumed criticism. Today the movie De Humani Corporis Fabrica by Verena Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor, to discover in theaters : With its Latin title like that of an anatomical treatise, this film impresses in the literal sense, like the previous works of this duo moreover (Leviathan and … Read more