“Annie Colère”, “Violent Night”, “Smoking makes you cough”… Reviews of films in theaters this week

Annie Anger *** By Blandine Lenoir, with Laure Calamy, Zita Hanrot, India Hair. 2 hours. Because she is pregnant and does not feel the courage to keep this third child to come, a worker chooses to resort to abortion, still illegal in France in 1974. She is lucky to be taken care of by MLAC … Read more

Reviews | Bros, satire and normalization of the gender difference

One of the many things that cinema allows us is the possibility of disconnecting from the world for a couple of hours, watching something that excites us, makes us feel good or makes us laugh, regardless of what the movie is about. brosa new film by Nicholas Stoller, gives us the above, only from a … Read more

Spirited | Top critics, reviews and ratings | tomatoes


Normally November and December are the most ideal dates to release films on Christmas and related themes. Each production, whether it is a series or a movie, anticipates the December dates and the values ​​that film and television usually try to emulate with their respective stories. Although each narrative seems different, they usually always tend … Read more

Reviews Series: The Good Fight. Season 6. Episode 10 (series finale)


The Good Fight // Season 6. Episode 10. The End of Everything. FINAL SERIES Completing a universe as large as that of The Good Fight is not easy. Started by The Good Wife, this universe then continued in this spin-off centered on Diane (but not necessarily centered on Diane either). If the work remains remarkable, … Read more

Observed | Top reviews, reviews and ratings


Observed | Top reviews, reviews and ratings With a clear echo of Alfred Hitchcock in Rear Window (100%) and influenced by what was done in the cult film directed by Satoshi Kon, Perfect Blue (72%)arrived this weekend at national theaters Observed (67%)a psychological thriller starring Maika Monroewhich we already saw in a production with a … Read more

Why The Boys Record Their Harshest Reviews For Thor (Not Superman) | Pretty Reel


Spoilers for The Boys comic series below While you’d think The Boys’ biggest target of commentary was Superman with Homelander, Thor actually received much harsher criticism through his parody hero. dark Stormfront. While Homelander is more of a general critique of superheroes as a whole, Stormfront is a direct critique of Thor and the more … Read more

The Kristo by Roberto Zappalà: a whirlpool of words swallows the dance | Reviews


In addition to the debut of the new show that entrusts the lyrics to Nello Calabrò and sees Massimo Trombetta on stage, but the structure of the performance is not convincing Pier Paolo Pasolini said that the critic has all the rights except one: that of not understanding. But what happens when the artist gives … Read more

“Les Harkis”, “Halloween ends”, “A good start”… Reviews of films in theaters this week


6:00 p.m., October 8, 2022, amended to 5:48 p.m., October 11, 2022 The Innocent **** From Louis Garrel with himself, Anouk Grinberg, Noémie Merlant, Roschdy Zem. 1h40. The Innocent The Innocent Trailer VF Abel, a young widower, worries about his mother’s marriage to an inmate at the end of his sentence. Clémence, his best friend, … Read more

Amsterdam: the first reviews for the new David O. Russell film are here


The first feedback for amsterdamthe new film by David O. Russell fell (and it’s not crazy). David O. Russell’s career has been plagued by controversy and scandal, whether it was a physical altercation with George Clooney in 1999, whether he made Amy Adams cry on set in 2013 or his transgender niece sues him for … Read more

An Armchair For The Orchestra – The site of Parisian theater reviews » Iliad and Odyssey, after Homère, directed by Pauline Bayle, Théâtre Public de Montreuil


Sep 20, 2022 | Comments off on Iliad and Odyssey, after Homère, directed by Pauline Bayle, Théâtre Public de Montreuil Iliad © Blandine Soulage ƒƒƒ article of Sylvie Boursier ” Looking for men for uncertain travel, modest wages […] long periods of extreme danger, return not assured. Glory and fame if successful. Here is the … Read more