What happened to Johann and Kevo, the youtubers who made the parody of the Carini vs 3 Reyes album?

YouTube has been one of the most used internet platforms by users since its creation. Several channels were born here that became the favorites of netizens and also gave the opportunity to make acquaintances to young people, who were in charge of publishing funny videos with which they won their hearts and remained in the … Read more

Joaquín Reyes: «Celebrar la Fiesta de las Letras durante más de 70 años dice mucho de Tomelloso»

El próximo 30 de agosto Joaquín Reyes se va a subir al escenario del Marcelo Grande de Tomelloso. Y no lo hará con su espectáculo, como saben nuestros lectores el manchego va a ser el Mantenedor de la LXXI Fiesta de las Artes y las Letras de Tomelloso. Cuando anunció el nombramiento, la alcaldesa, Inmaculada … Read more

Joaquín Reyes: «Celebrating the Festival of Letters for more than 70 years says a lot about Tomelloso»

On August 30, Joaquín Reyes will go on stage at the Marcelo Grande de Tomelloso. And he will not do it with his show, as our readers know, the man from La Mancha is going to be the Maintainer of the LXXI Festival of Arts and Letters of Tomelloso. When he announced the appointment, the … Read more