Reviews | M3GAN, when emotional support comes from a robot

What if the technology fails and turns against us? This is one of the most popular terrors regarding technology, especially with the great advances in technology. Artificial intelligence. M3GAN is a film that works on this topic, although from a point of view of childhood, development, emotions and the power of dolls. The Gerard Johnstone-directed … Read more

Armando Bó: “Havelange was a kind of robot, without happiness” | Interview with the director of “El Presidente”

In full fever Qatar World Cup 2022with all the soccer illusion that Lio Messi and company can lift the World Cup as they once did Diego Armando Maradona, it never hurts to remember everything that surrounds the world of professional football. Football is passion but also -or fundamentally- a great business that moves billions of … Read more

Why Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken continues to be successful

The longest running series of Adult Swim Robot Chicken combines stop-motion animation with nostalgic and topical parodies. What did the success of Robot Chicken? Imagine this: it’s just past one in the morning. You’re delirious from staying up late and a late night snack of leftover cold pizza and whatever soda that was in the … Read more

“Darling in the Franxx”: a somewhat risque giant robot manga

The protagonists are children raised for these confrontations, although Zero Two is different, she even has horns. Credit: Story by Atsushi Nishigori and Naotaka Hayashi, art by Kentaro Yabuki. In 2018, the anime and manga of a story called Darling in the Franxx. A tale of highlights (giant robots) and children who must pilot them … Read more

The video of the “robot soldier created for war” is a computer generated animation

Copyright AFP 2017-2022. All rights reserved. A video allegedly showing a “robot soldier” being trained for combat has been shared on social media more than 23,000 times since 2019. The posts claim the android “was created for war.” But this is false: the sequence is actually a computer-generated animation. “New soldier robot with artificial intelligence. … Read more

No, this video does not show a real robot training for combat: it is a computer generated animation

Categories Resources used Reverse Google Search InVid Observation With statements like “the images are of authentic terror, even more dehumanized wars, if possible than the current ones” (sic) or “this scares me a little… well no, a lot” is shared on Twitter, following a tweet by Arturo Pérez Revertea video allegedly showing a robot walking … Read more