This video does not show the Ukrainian president dancing with a rocket launcher

Published on : 24/11/2022 – 13:43 Has the Ukrainian president been filmed dancing with a rocket launcher, while the war in Ukraine has been raging for more than nine months? This is claimed by many accounts on Twitter and Facebook. The sequence they are relying on is actually a parody video posted on Tiktok by … Read more

Elon Musk delivered his vision of the future at the G20 event: there are aliens, tunnels and rocket travel

Sitting in the dark, his face half illuminated by a reddish light, the billionaire Elon Musk expounded at a side event at the G20 summit an eccentric vision of the future with aliens, rocket travel and a network of underground tunnels. The new owner of Twitter appeared by videoconference at a business summit parallel to … Read more