Russia 2018, from Rubi’s farce to Piqué’s big hand

Spain was an excited country in the spring of 2018. Julen Lopeteguiafter the previous World Cup and Euro Cup fiascoes, had revitalized the team with an impeccable qualifying phase at the hands of a generation that he himself had molded in the lower categories (Asensio, De Gea, Thiago, Isco, Koke…), who joined the survivors of … Read more

“Ciao 2020”, the New Year’s show in Russia that makes fun of the Italian TV of the ’80s

An hour of pure madness, neon lights, sequins, double meanings and Eighties inspiration: it is the parody created by the Russian satirical show “Vecherniy Urgant (Evening Urgant)” hosted by the famous TV personality Ivan Urgant. “Hello, 2020”, an unlikely “New Year’s Music Festival” all in Italian – including songs and dialogues – was broadcast on … Read more

Russia, the New Year’s parody show on Italian music is a success. And now head to Sanremo


Making the Italian Song Festival speak foreign: this seems to be the goal of Amadeus for what it will be Sanremo 2022. From the return to the competition of the “imported” artists (on stage we will see Ana Mena, the Spanish pop star who conquered the rankings in Italy by duetting with Rocco Hunt and … Read more

Black out strategy: why Russia wants to plunge Ukraine into black


Russia has been opting for a new strategy for ten days in Ukraine. After nuclear power plants, it is targeting electrical installations. With the objective of plunging Ukraine and its people into chaos as winter enters, while undermining resistance. This week, images of kyiv plunged into darkness have been widely circulated in the media. More … Read more

Russia: Kremlin critic charged with high treason


(Berlin, October 7, 2022) – Russian authorities have accused political opponent Vladimir Kara-Murza of “ high treason in a blatant attempt to silence Kremlin critics and deter them from voicing their criticisms to the international community, Human Rights Watch said today. This is the third baseless criminal charge against Vladimir Kara-Murza since his arrest in … Read more

War in Ukraine. Live: Zelensky calls Russia ‘bloodthirsty scum’ after Zaporizhia strike


Mid-day update Vladimir Putin will give a “voluminous” speech at 2 p.m. to proclaim the annexation of four Ukrainian territories (Kherson, Zaporizhia, Lugansk and Donetsk) An official of the Russian occupation administration in the Kherson region was killed overnight by a Ukrainian strike. A strike on a column of civilians in Zaporizhia left at least … Read more

The unusual parody that Televisa made on Martinoli prior to the 2018 World Cup in Russia


The unusual parody that Televisa made on Martinoli prior to the 2018 World Cup in Russia (Photo: Youtube/Instagram: TUDN/@cmartinolimx) Prior to Qatar World Cup 2022one of the topics that is beginning to sound the most among Mexican soccer fans is that of broadcasts, since, as every four years, two television stations compete for the majority … Read more

To no one’s surprise, Russia claims victory in Ukrainian duckling referendums


The Russian regime proclaimed victory this Tuesday in the electoral farce held in the four territories occupied or partially occupied by Russia in Ukraine, something that was expected from the very moment of the announcement that these fictitious referendums would be held eight days ago. To no one’s surprise, the results were overwhelming in favor … Read more

Russia: Activist Allegedly Beaten and Raped for Reciting Anti


In reaction to news that Artyom Kamardin had been detained and subjected to torture, including horrific acts of sexual violence, by law enforcement officials after the Russian poet and activist posted his online recited reading of a poem against the war, Natalia Zviagina, Director of Amnesty International Russia, said: “The details of Artyom Kamardin’s detention … Read more