Reviews | Bros, satire and normalization of the gender difference

One of the many things that cinema allows us is the possibility of disconnecting from the world for a couple of hours, watching something that excites us, makes us feel good or makes us laugh, regardless of what the movie is about. brosa new film by Nicholas Stoller, gives us the above, only from a … Read more

Satire, at what point is the night. Word to Stefano Disegni and Fabrizio Barca

Ever since the world began, the right in power offers great opportunities for satire. Is this also the case under the Meloni government? In 1994, at the time of the triumph of Silvio Berlusconi and Forza Italia in the political elections, Altan published a prophetic cartoon: two old men sitting on the bench with their … Read more

Nino Frassica: «No satire, I’m surreal and I’m not old. I like Lundini “


Nino Frassica he is voiceless. Too much work: «I recorded the reality show of Rai2 The college, where I am a storyteller, and 8 podcast»Explains the actor with some difficulty. At 71, he continues to divide himself relentlessly between television (he is a regular star at Che tempo Che Fa), literature (on November 15th his … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe makes magic with Al Yankovic and satire of Maddona


There is a secret story of Madonna: she falls in love with a comedian and wishes with all her might that he parody one of her songs: “Like a virgin”, her 80’s hit. In this story “The Queen of Pop” even goes to the house of Al Yankovic, the comedian and singer known for changing … Read more

Comment le redémarrage de Hulu satire efficacement l’engouement pour le redémarrage d’Hollywood | Jolie Bobine


Quiconque suit l’industrie du divertissement, en particulier ces dernières années, remarquera une chose. Hollywood aime rendre l’ancien nouveau. Il semble que chaque jour, il y ait un nouveau redémarrage d’une ancienne série télévisée, une nouvelle imagination d’une franchise de films, des spin-offs axés sur des personnages secondaires, etc. Alors que certains ne sont que des … Read more

‘Garcia!’ the Francoist superagent who arrives to create a satire of Spain


Alicante-born director Eugenio Mira presents the new HBO Max series at the Sitges Film Festival Garcia!, which he considers “a satire, not a parody” of the most recent history of Spain. And he will portray her through the eyes of a cryonic Francoist superagent that appears today. It is, as the director explained in an … Read more

Forte dei Marmi capital of satire


Sarcasm, caricature, irony and paradox: the Forte dei Marmi Political Satire Award is back, edition number 50, which on Saturday 17 September will transform the seaside town of Versilia into the Italian capital of desecration. At 6 pm, at the Capannina di Franceschi, the famous venue that has welcomed many editions of the award, also … Read more