Le très balèze abécédaire d’Arnold Schwarzenegger

A comme Autriche Là où tout a commencé pour Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger. Né le 30 juillet 1947 à Thal bei Graz, un village de 800 habitants situé au sud-est du pays, il est élevé par son père Gustav, policier, et sa mère Aurélia, femme au foyer – veuve de guerre, elle a également eu un … Read more

Ready player Schwarzenegger (y 2)

Portada original (ja) del videojuego Navy Moves. (Viene de la primera parte) Arnold Schwarzenegger no solo fue el molde cinematográfico para el cine acción de los ochenta y noventa. También ejerció de puente de unión entre las macarradas de la gran pantalla y las aventuras pixeladas en los pequeños televisores de salón. Porque en el … Read more

Prey VS Predator: is the Disney + movie worthy of the classic with Schwarzenegger?

There is no doubt that the arrival of Prey in the Disney + catalog has caused a great uproar and divided the fans, between those who appreciated this new version set in the time of the natives and those who instead labeled everything as a mere commercial operation daughter of contemporary cinema. To immediately cut … Read more

“If Arnold Schwarzenegger could, so could I”, Sergio Mayer wants to be president of Mexico | tomatoes

Politics is a serious thing, but on more than one occasion, in various corners of the planet, it has been presented as a true comedy and sometimes reality surpasses all the satirical films that have been made over the years. It is true that any citizen has the right to run for the presidency of … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 75: here are the 10 best films of the legendary action star

Terminator: Dark Destiny, Arnold Schwarzenegger during a scene from the film Today, Saturday 30 July 2022, Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 75: action movie hero, bodybuilder, businessman and governor of California, the Austrian actor is a true living embodiment of the American dream. Arnold, born in Thal, a small town in Austria, in July 1947, began sculpting … Read more

Happy birthday Arnold Schwarzenegger: the actor, politician and body builder turns 75!

It was July 30, 1947 when, in the tiny town of Thal – in Austria – a baby destined to grow up was born. Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is his name. Today, July 30, 2022, Arnold blows out 75 candles. Three quarters of a century for him who, starting from Thal, has slowly conquered the world. … Read more

The reason for the enmity that Stallone and Schwarzenegger maintained and that lasted almost 30 years

The Hollywood stars they don’t always have the friendly personalities that they can show in the movies. Sometimes they don’t even return the love their fans give them. But there are situations that escalate and come to be generated rivalries between colleagues. Between the egos and the normal rispidities that can be generated between human … Read more