Scream 6: The 10 shortest gaps between sequels | Pretty Reel

After the success of Scream 5, Scream 6 was unsurprisingly sped up in development, but now it’s coming even earlier than originally planned, as the release date has been changed to March 10. That’s less than 14 months after Scream 5, and that’s a surprisingly quick turnaround for a studio movie. However, studios have already … Read more

DEADLY CEREMONY, a Scream before its time?

Almost fifteen years before Scream, CÉRÉMONIE MORTELLE knowingly uses the codes of horror and slasher films to destabilize the spectator and confuse the tracks as to the identity of the killer. Curious object released in 1983, DEADLY CEREMONY will probably not have marked the spirits. Pure exploitation film of its time, it is part of … Read more

Halloween: TV series and “scream” movies to watch in streaming

Trick or treat? A question that, as per tradition (now also Italian), will become a trend topic on October 31st. However Halloween it is not only the party of children who have fun knocking on the doors of their neighbors, but also an anniversary with dark tones that adults like so much. And to get … Read more

Meloni goes back to Vox but this time he doesn’t scream. There is the usual Bertolaso ​​and Ronzulli who demand a ministry. Here is the bestiary of government | THE NEWS

Giorgia Meloni he returns as a guest of those of Vox, this time he does not scream, but the contents suck all the same. There is the usual Bertolaso ​​and there is Licia Ronzulli which demands a ministry. Here we are at our daily government bestiary. MELONI RETURNS TO VOX IN A LOW VOICEThe leader … Read more

SCREAM QUEENS (Series Review) A resolutely original work and a delight of entertainment…

SYNOPSIS: As students return to university, concerns about access to a fraternity or a sorority are quickly overshadowed by the arrival of a mysterious killer as masked as he is bloodthirsty. It’s raining ryan murphy in this autumn period. As soon as his last series, Dahmerlanded on Netflix, he stacks up again by … Read more