Farewell to Atlanta, the rap series that rocked the small screen

Here we are : Atlanta bows out after four brilliant seasons. The series imagined by Donald Glover (or Childish Gambino) has revolutionized its time with episodes as committed as they are completely absurd. A work apart in the television landscape, which deserves a (re) viewing, while the last season is available on OCS. How to … Read more

Ranking the 10 best Roberts to grace the silver screen, from De Niro to Pattinson

Many are the talents of which Robert is the first name and who have marked the history of cinema. It may only be the 80th most popular name today, but between 1924 and 1939 it was the most popular male name in the United States (and remained incredibly popular through the 1950s and into the … Read more

Benjadoes: “I’m aiming for the movies, I love the big screen”

He directs, acts, produces, is a screenwriter and even an entrepreneur with his own clothing brand. Benjamin Doig Espinoza, known as Benjadoes, is a Trujillo native with promise. Each parody that bears his stamp is a guaranteed success and proof of this is the recent recreation of one of the most iconic scenes from the … Read more

Elizabeth II, the actresses (and two actors) who played her on the screen

70 years of reign e thousands of apparitions public for mourning Elizabeth II, who died yesterday, have ensured that the queen of England and the United Kingdom entered to all intents and purposes in the collective imagination as well as in our history. And consequently she – inevitably – became one icon repeatedly represented by … Read more

BIFFF: “The Visitor from the Future” makes the leap to the big screen

Sequel and adaptation of the famous French web series, “Le Visiteur du futur” by François Descraques is invited to the BIFFF before being released in theaters. Launched in 2009, the webseries “Le Visiteur du Futur” made its mark in French-speaking humorous spheres in its time with winking gags and short rather schoolboy science fiction stories. … Read more