10 Sequel Movie Titles That Were So Goofy It Was Awesome

A movie title is the audience’s first impression of a movie. The task with the sequels should be an easy one given that most of the heavy lifting for the naming process took place in the first installment. Sometimes makers take a road less traveled and back out of traditional digital sequel titles in hopes … Read more

“As if by disenchantment”, the sequel does not repeat the magic of the Disney cult

As if by disenchantmentthe sequel to the iconic 2007 animated film “Enchanted” from which Amy Adams’ professional rise sprang, has been released directly in streaming on Disney Plus. The film continues in the vein of humanizing and parodying everything people love about fairy tales, but never has the spark of the former. Where the other … Read more

Barbarian’s huge twist set up its perfect sinister sequel | Pretty Reel


Barbarian’s tonal touch pokes fun at common horror tropes and keeps the film fresh. A sequel could follow this trick and expand on the Barbarian universe. Barbarian’s change of tone in the second act set the perfect precedent for a sequel. The film begins by following Tess with a dark and serious tone, but becomes … Read more

The Sequel That Refuses To Die


In 1988, an undead character appeared in cinemas and captured the imagination of moviegoers. This figure was Betelgeuse (Michael Keaton), the titular main character of by Tim Burton beetle juice. A precursor to later Burton and Keaton collaborations for the first two Batman movies, beetle juice reaffirmed Burton’s interest in grotesque crackpots and bizarre sequences … Read more

Test – Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, a sequel that does not leave unscathed


More opening, more gunfight but not at all terrifying, Resident Evil Village is a great action game with a successful decrepit and morbid atmosphere. Alternately glacial and gory, it offers moments of anthologies, with grotesque and Dantesque boss fights. But big strings remain with fairly linear exploration in the end, very easy puzzles, and a … Read more

Hellraiser II Is The Blueprint For A Good Horror Sequel


Horror sequels are often dismissed as poorly constructed cash grabs, and some of the sequels Clive Barkerthe legendary first film of hellraiser certainly do not help this sad reputation. Too many of these follow-ups are cheap wastes of time that overlook the creative bloodshed or eroticism that defined this inaugural episode. Something like Hellraiser: Revelations … Read more

“Plancha”: the “Barbecue” team back with a “darker and sadder” sequel


Guillaume De Tonquédec, Lambert Wilson, Franck Dubosc and Lionel Abelanski in Moderate success when it was released eight years ago, before breaking audience records on TF1 and Netflix, the comedy of friends Barbecue inspired its director Eric Lavaine to create a sequel, Griddle, which is released this Wednesday, October 16 at the cinema. Lambert Wilson, … Read more

10 Movies That Deserved A Sequel And Didn’t, According To Reddit | Pretty Reel


With Avatar: The Way of the Water finally hitting theaters this holiday season, well over a decade since the first film was released, it’s fair to say that the franchise’s continuation has taken some fans by surprise. While the blockbuster broke records, it was one of many films that many assumed had missed its chance … Read more

Who is Namor, the character that Tenoch Huerta will play in the sequel to Black Panther?


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the productions for the cinema most important in recent years and has counted in its repertoire with endless actors from many nationalities. On this occasion, a rumor very strong that sounded in Hollywood can become a reality, and it is that not only a Mexican would enter the … Read more