Inside Out 2: 10 more Pixar sequels that should be coming, according to Reddit | Pretty Reel

While some fans were disappointed with D23, expectations were more than met for Pixar’s presentation as the studio announced Inside Out 2. The first Inside Out undoubtedly has so much potential for a sequel, and it could go into all kinds of different things. directions, but it’s not the only Pixar film that should have … Read more

10 Sequels That Tried To Undo The Previous Film, According To Reddit | Pretty Reel

With its October 14 theatrical release, Halloween Ends could wrap up Laurie’s longtime feud with Michael Myers after the original 1978 Halloween paved the way for her. And while fans can’t wait, they’re still reflecting on how Halloween Kills undid Michael’s disappearance from the original film with a flashback that shows Officer Hawkins and his … Read more