Do public finances have a sense of service?

Almost everywhere, signs of tension are accumulating, revealing a system on the verge of breaking down: to the lack of resources regularly denounced, there are now notorious difficulties in recruiting, a degraded service, and exhausted agents, in the education, social, medical, transport… How did the budgetary constraint impose itself in all the public sectors? Is … Read more

Golf at the service of your personal development: Sculpting your brain and your swing

The swing is built from an intention, that of freeing your brain from any parasite to keep only the essence of the movement in the direction of a target. Beyond the obstacles, be determined to free your body from its gangue. Commit fully to your goal, like Rory flying in the Ryder Cup above the … Read more

Golf at the service of your personal development: Reaping the positive with Patricia Meunier Lebouc!

Your character is your destiny… so pay close attention to your character! Take care to see things on the bright side so that the rebounds are most often positive for you. Like Cam Smith or the great Jack Nicklaus, or even our champion Patricia Meunier-Lebouc, during your visualization, always imagine the putt coming in, no … Read more

On France 3, “La Traversée de Bourvil”: “He was at the service of the public, he played to please them”

Broadcast this September 23, a documentary explores the hidden sides of the career of the actor, whose immense talent was deployed far beyond comedy. Interview with one of his two sons, Philippe Raimbourg. Professor of financial economics at the University of Paris-I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Philippe Raimbourg was 17 years old in 1970 when his father, Bourvil, … Read more

Elizabeth II and Margrethe of Denmark: two queens at the service of their people

Neither was born to rule. However, they will go down in history as sovereigns of exceptional longevity. Endowed with very different characters, they have embodied for several decades, each in their own way, an absolute devotion to their royal duty. “I declare before you that my whole life, whether long or short, will be devoted … Read more

L’IA au service du manga et de l’animation : eldorado ou illusion ? (2/5)

Utile, amusant, futile ou catastrophique… Le “machine learning” excite la curiosité et la créativité des éditeurs de mangas et des producteurs d’animation. Dans le deuxième volet de notre enquête, nous nous sommes intéressés à un domaine dans lequel l’IA est déjà à l’œuvre pour le meilleur comme pour le pire: la traduction. Episode #2: Des … Read more

Stupeflip resumes service with the album “Stup Forever”

“Stup Forever”, Stupeflip’s 5th album, will be released on September 16, 2022. © Julien Barthelemy It’s a funny armada led by a masked singer. Stupeflip delivers its 5th album in twenty years of career, Stup Forever, and operates a well-controlled return to basics. Where we passionately follow the adventures of King-Ju, vigilante who produces sound … Read more

Eva Bartlett is back in service!

The Canadian blogger has joined a parody court supposed to try Ukrainian war crimes. A consecration after years spent spreading false information and conspiracy theories for the most authoritarian regimes on the planet. Eva Bartlett in Moscow during the press conference on the creation of the “International Public Tribunal for Ukraine”, in March 2022 (screen … Read more

Sergej Prokofiev in the service of society

In addition to the children’s fairy tale ‘Peter and the Wolf’, Prokof’ev’s well-scored hits could also be the ballets ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Cinderella’, the march from ‘The love of the three oranges’ and many other moments of the same profile. It is the most obvious denial of the cliché that modern music claims to … Read more

Montbeliard. He harasses and threatens with death his former adviser to the penitentiary service: the Montbéliardais placed behind bars

This is called… ruminating. Long, coldly. For two years, the Montbéliardais, sentenced only once in September 2019 for a dark case of threats and damage, had accepted his fate. And then, from September 21 and until May 10, he literally went into a spin. Having the professional number of his former counselor at the penitentiary … Read more