The promoter of the ‘hot’ university party in Seville: “Amazed that they are amazed, sex is something natural”

Business issue: the strategy designed by Jesús Carbajosa, promoter of the Occo nightclub events, object of controversy for his university party with sexual contenthas been a commercial success for him, as he recognized this Monday in the program Public mirror, who has dedicated an extensive report to the controversy that was echoed this past weekend … Read more

‘Big mouth’: season 6 evolves its characters but by talking less about sex it shows that the Netflix series no longer has so much to tell

For many, ‘bigmouth’ it’s over from character design: some supposedly ugly big-headed children talking about sex in a very explicit way It is not a tasteful dish for everyone. But those who stayed were able to discover that the series was not what it seemed and narrated the awakening to sexuality of a group of … Read more

“I need a shoulder and a sex”: a columnist of “Touche pas à mon poste” finds love live

The C8 program launched, this Wednesday, November 2, in a parody of “Turn round” Screenshot VIDEO – The C8 program launched, this Wednesday, November 2, in a parody of “Turn round manege” with the main character Danielle Moreau. So, will she really find the shoe that fits her? It’s time to party on the set … Read more

‘The White Lotus’ travels to Sicily to analyze the politics of sex in a second season inspired by Almodóvar’s cinema


Walking through Sicily implies looking at a complete catalog of testas di moro. Those pots and decorative vases that are part of its landscape recall the jealous revenge of a woman from Palermo who, more than a thousand years ago, when the Arabs ruled the place, cut off her lover’s head when she discovered that … Read more

Queen Elizabeth: all the songs dedicated to the Queen explained, from the Beatles to the Sex Pistols


Beatles, Sex Pistols, The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys: just some big names of musicians who wanted to dedicate a song to the queen. It ranges from dreamlike and surreal songs, linked toromantic halo that hovers over the figure of his majesty, a ferocious anti-monarchist tirades, like the – mythological – one of the Sex Pistols. … Read more

From the Sex Pistols to the Simpsons: Elizabeth II, pop culture icon


The omnipresence of the Queen of England in art, music and cinema underlines the place she occupied in popular imagery. From the Sex Pistols to the Simpsons, via the series The Crown or the James Bond films, the instantly recognizable image of Queen Elizabeth II was used in popular culture throughout her reign. Some did … Read more

The sex life of Guglielmo Sputacchiera by Mario Barenghi


A very positive critical reception greeted the debut book by Alberto Ravasio, born in 1990, The sex life of Guglielmo Sputacchiera (Quodlibet, 2022). The salient aspects of this bubbly and bizarre short novel are three. First of all, a “gimmick” of transparent Kafkaesque matrix: one morning the protagonist discovers that he is unexpectedly “transsexualized”, his … Read more

Mendy wanted “every woman who came to his house to be available for sex”


The trial of Benjamin Mendy continues this Monday with the speech of the prosecutor, Timothy Cray, before the two defendants, Benjamin Mendy and Luis Saha Matturie. It was the highly anticipated moment of this start of the trial, the speech of the prosecutor, Timothy Cray, before the two accused: Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie. … Read more