The fake news of Shakira’s song about Piqué

If you only have a few seconds, read these lines about the disinformation campaign used during the release of Shakira’s song about Piqué: In the case of the Japanese electronics company Casio, we found fake tweets from “parody accounts”. False press releases and montages of covers also arose, such as that of the best-known magazine … Read more

Parodies of Shakira’s song, a joke that could be expensive for ‘influencers’ and other users of social networks?

The release of Shakira’s new song in collaboration with the composer and DJ Bizarrap became an explosive phenomenon on digital platforms. The topic BZRP Music Sessions #53surprised millions of netizens in the world by having a letter loaded with darts against Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía. Despite the fact that the musical work was released … Read more

Casio does not get wet after Shakira’s song: “There is one for everyone, whether you are a ‘king’ or a wolf”

Casio has ruled on the controversy. The watch firm, which can say that it has been seen splattered by controversial song by Shakira and BZRPhas shared a publication on his official Instagram account in Spain in which he declares himself neutral in the conflict that the Colombian singer maintains with his ex Gerard Piqué. In … Read more

“Women don’t cry, women rule”, the parody of Shakira’s song with which Uribe invites women to compete in the elections

Using the phrase “women don’t cry, women govern”, the former president and chief of the Democratic Center, Álvaro Uribe promoted a video in which he invites women to register as candidates for the local elections in October on behalf of their party. The ex-president posted the message a few days after the Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira … Read more

Kun Agüero and Ibai Llanos launch a controversial parody of Shakira’s song

One of the topics of the moment around the world is the new song that Shakira launched with a letter clearly oriented to his dramatic separation from Gerard Piqué. And those who published a kind of parody of the subject were Sergio Aguero and Ibai Llanos. In the video you can see the Kun glued … Read more

Veronica Ursida betrayed | Shock revelation commenting on Shakira’s song

Amadeus, artistic director of Sanremo 2023 – Source Ansa Photo The artistic director of Sanremo 2023, Amadeus announced the names of two other co-hosts and the return of a much loved Italian band to the stage of the Ariston Theater. A new big announcement for Sanremo 2023 has been made known by Amadeus this morning … Read more

Alessandra Rosaldo parodies Shakira’s new song with a very peculiar complaint

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Andrés García asks that a song by Juan Gabriel be played at his funeral 01:41 Famous ARV: Shakira on trial, Daddy Yankee tour, health of Andrés García and Aguilar grandfather 05:24 Daddy Yankee in Chile: fans bypass security … Read more

“I’m going to make you voodoo”: this is the parody they did to Shakira’s song about Piqué

Shakira and her new song BZRP Music Session #53 Together with the Argentine Bizarrap, he continues to give people something to talk about and this time not only because of the success he has been on digital platforms. And it is that, he was left with nothing, so he decided to ‘throw’ Piqué head-on, with … Read more

Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo surprise with a parody of Shakira’s song: “Todos igualitos que tú” | The popular

They are team Shakira. The Colombian singer is in the public eye after the launch of her new musical theme with Bizarrap, where he sends a few hints to his ex-partner Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend Clara Chia. Her catchy song has made it a trend and become a ‘hit’. Now, Mexican actors and parents, … Read more

“I don’t think he’s crying; he is a provocateur ”: AuronPlay reacted to Shakira’s song against Piqué

The Colombian singer Shakira continues to be in the news not only in Colombia, but in the world, after the successful musical collaboration with the Argentine BZRP, which in just one day exceeded 70 million views on YouTube alone. Her verses are explicit, the singer did not hold anything back and sang the tabla (as … Read more