The “story” of Messi mopping with the Mexico shirt and other hoaxes about the Qatar 2022 World Cup

The World Cup in Qatar 2022 is over and Argentina will take home its third cup. In the last four weeks, each meeting generated intense emotions and, among them, misinformation also crept in. In Verificador de La República, we collected the hoaxes that circulated in the recent edition of the international tournament. Did Messi “mop” … Read more

No, Lionel Messi did not upload a story in which he uses the Mexico shirt as a mop

Videos of the celebrations of the Argentine soccer team recorded after it beat Mexico in the match for the Qatar 2022 World Cup continue to circulate on social networks. In this context, they are spreading a alleged capture of a Lionel Messi Instagram story in which the player apparently wears a Mexico shirt as a … Read more

Hoaxes and misinformation about Messi and the alleged kick to the shirt of the Mexican team

Categories Resources used reverse google search Twitter advanced search Google search It has gone viral on social media (here either here) a video of the Argentine soccer team celebrating in the locker room the victory of their team against the Mexican team after their match on November 26 in Qatar. In the images appears the … Read more