Veronica Ursida betrayed | Shock revelation commenting on Shakira’s song

Amadeus, artistic director of Sanremo 2023 – Source Ansa Photo The artistic director of Sanremo 2023, Amadeus announced the names of two other co-hosts and the return of a much loved Italian band to the stage of the Ariston Theater. A new big announcement for Sanremo 2023 has been made known by Amadeus this morning … Read more

Video Shock. Sick baby cries but nurses ignore him and put on nail polish

The new alleged scandal that took place at theNola hospital. In a video posted on Facebook, the complete indifference of two nurses would have been denounced. The latter allegedly ignored the crying of a three-month-old baby (who arrived in the pediatric ward in an emergency), as they were “busy” in putting nail polish on. The … Read more

TPMP: influencers accused of animal abuse shock fans!

On November 28, Cyril Hanouna sued a group of influencers guilty of animal abuse on TPMP. On the set of TPMP, Cyril Hanouna mentioned an important subject. This Monday, November 28, he sued influencers guilty of animal abuse. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z! The TPMP plateau ignites Like every week, the … Read more

Electric Abarth 500, the shock of the scorpion

The first electric Abarth 500 is presented. A model that anticipates the future of the scorpion brand, offering itself with a 155 HP power unit, an aggressive style and a launch version, “Scorpionissima”, in just 1,949 units at a price of 43,000 euros Thomas Marcoli November 25th Rewrites the past, rethinks the present, anticipates the … Read more

Five years after #metoo, the shock wave: what has changed in families, at school, in court…

Five years ago, on October 5, 2017, the New York Times published an investigation that would create a societal shock wave throughout the world. In the columns of the American daily, women accuse Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault. Acts committed with impunity, for thirty years. Actress Alyssa Milano uses the hashtag #metoo on the … Read more

Trial of Eddy de Pretto’s alleged stalkers: “Do you understand that his words can shock us?”

“You gigantic fagot, this is the last time you’ll sing your aberrations in a church before you’re flogged in public. » Before the Paris Criminal Court, this Tuesday, October 4, Kevin did not deny a comma from the private message he sent to Eddy de Pretto in June 2021. Invited to perform in a Parisian … Read more

William Klein chic and shock photographer of Marco Belpoliti

There are three great masters of what has been called Street photography: Walker Evans (1903-1975), Robert Frank (1924-2019) and William Klein (1928-2022). The first was an aspiring writer then turned to photography; the second a fashion photographer – he left three years ago -; the third, Klein, left us the other day: he was a … Read more

Shock, misunderstanding and anger after weekend racist shooting in New York State

“Some of us are very angry” launched Pastor T. Anthony Bronner, during a vigil in front of the parking lot of the Tops supermarket where a young person, equipped with an assault weapon and a bulletproof vest, fired on Saturday afternoon making ten dead and three injured. Eleven of the victims were black people and … Read more

After the shock, demonstrations against the revocation of the right to abortion

Abortion-rights supporters rallied across the United States on Saturday for a second day of protests against the Supreme Court’s decision to smash what many thought was a given. By revoking its emblematic judgment “Roe v. Wade”, which since 1973 guaranteed the right of American women to have an abortion, the high court left the States … Read more

After the shock, demonstrations in the United States against the revocation of the right to abortion

Before the Supreme Court on June 25, 2022 (AFP / ROBERTO SCHMIDT) Supporters of the right to abortion mobilized on Saturday in the United States for a second day of demonstrations against the decision of the Supreme Court to pulverize what many thought was a given. By revoking its emblematic judgment “Roe v. Wade”, which … Read more