Una historia sexual, política y social del bigote: “En España connotaba fascismo, pero en el extranjero libertad”

En una escena de Kika (1993), esa rareza de Pedro Almodóvar a punto de cumplir 30 años, Verónica Forqué anima a su asistenta del hogar, Rossy de Palma, a depilarse el bigote, aduciendo que luciría más femenina y hermosa. Rossy responde: “El bigote no es patrimonio exclusivo de los hombres. De hecho, los hombres con … Read more

Martine Syms, the sitcom as a social critic

In his great solo show in Chicago, the Los Angeles artist explores the experience of blacks in the United States in a touching and humorous way, without neglecting the “black banality” In the exhibition, Syms’ videos are shown on screens supported by a purple steel structure with gaps that allow the passage between the five … Read more

Loire. Video blackmail: humor and derision in town and on social networks


“Stéphanois, you are invited to the farewell party of Gaël Perdriau and his clique on Monday September 26 at 5.30 p.m. on the town hall square. The invitation, in black and white, is displayed everywhere in downtown Saint-Étienne this Wednesday, September 21. On the candelabras in front of the premises of the Métropole, the doors … Read more

The media have an essential role to play in the ecological and social transition


Posted on September 14, 2022 Because the media are essential players in social transformations, they have a major role to play in the ecological transition. It is time to take responsibility. The media is one of the pillars of a functioning democratic society. Their roles are multiple: whistleblowers, counter-power, information and training tool for citizens, … Read more

Dominican dictatorship and social thought (2/2)


For Américo Lugo, the Dominican nation does not exist “because it is not aware of the community it constitutes, because its activity has not become widespread enough. Not being a nation, the State that pretends to represent it is not a true State”. “There is no State, even if it is proclaimed, established and organized, … Read more

Mental health: why do celebrities leave social networks?


They are actors, singers, influencers, Tiktokeurs… They have millions of subscribers on the networks, and they can’t take it anymore. Some have decided to delete their social networks because the pressure is too enormous and it calls into question their well-being. The latest to have made this decision is called Brody Wellmaker, an American tiktoker … Read more

Politicians walking around on social networks: here’s what doesn’t work


TIKTOKMANIA also infects Carlo Calenda, who landed on the most popular social network for young people a few days ago. The goal is the usual one: to intercept the vote of the new generations through direct, informal videos, a very horizontal communication, albeit far from the stylistic standard (and from the same spirit) of the … Read more