Troll accounts that pose as profiles of “socialists, “Podemos” and “feminists” to manipulate public discourse ·

Resources used Own production material B.They seek to manipulate public discourse and misinform. They are troll accounts that pose as “feminist” or “anti-fascist” profiles, and some even claim to belong to certain parties or hold public positions that sometimes do not exist. These profiles mix political content with other more grotesque to discredit them, a … Read more

Cyber ​​espionage, the EU Commission alarmed by the use of spyware against the head of the Greek socialists

An attempted interception of the Greek socialist opposition leader’s mobile phone via surveillance software has raised concern in Brussels, with a European Commission spokesperson saying such practices, if confirmed, are “unacceptable”. Greek socialist leader and MEP (Pasok, S&D) Nikos Androulakis filed a complaint with prosecutors on Monday, July 26, after the European Parliament’s cyber security … Read more