At the age of 25, he sold his series to MTV but slammed the door: from the extreme low profile to the return of Alejo and Valentina

Alexander Szykula he was just 25 years old when he opened his own website, locoartsand uploaded the first chapters of Alejo and Valentina, the Flash animated series that would change his life forever. It was the year 2002 and the Internet was still a territory to be explored. The social media revolution would come almost … Read more

Sold out seats in Santos for the magnetic and sensual Argentine theater

“Are there no more tickets for the Marina Otero?” The question was reiterated in the places of sale. The Argentine delegation enjoyed great popularity these days of the festival and did not leave an empty chair in all their presentations. Fuck me, the impressive work of Mariana Otero was applauded and many were left wanting … Read more

The crime parodies of D&E Animation are back and it is immediately sold out

The crime parodies of D&E Animation are back. After the interruption of the “dinners with crime” in mid-December of last year, due to pandemic issues, yesterday the first appointment of 2022 at the Pestello d’Oro, a trattoria in the Genoese district of San Fruttuoso. A unique and different format from the traditional “dinners with crime” … Read more