Tullio Solenghi takes Woody Allen to the theatre, but the result is not what he hoped for

To interpret Woody Allen it is a very complex thing, let alone bring it on stage, to the theatre. She tried Tullio Solenghi with his new show entitled “God is dead, and I don’t feel so good either“, on the stage of the Theater of the Marsi of Avezzano last January 31st. Considered, with good … Read more

Concordia Theater: Elio Germano brings virtual reality to the stage, Solenghi and Nidi Ensemble the classics of Woody Allen

Elio Germano, Tullio Solenghi, Enrico Tesio: they are the great protagonists of the week at Concordia Theater of Venaria Reale. Three appointments, from Tuesday to Friday, to laugh and reflect. ALARM SIGNALTuesday 15 November, 9 pm “Warning signal” is a work that is both a play, a film and a virtual reality experience, one of … Read more

Tullio Solenghi: “In the Trio a magical cohesion, cinema has forgotten about us”

Tullio Solenghi The Genoese actor on tour in Sardinia with Orlando Furioso: 30 June in Porto Rotondo, 1 July in Macomer and 2 in San Gavino Alessandro Pirina June 24, 2022 Tullio Solenghi takes the chair and brings a special lesson on Orlando furioso to Sardinian theaters. Paired with the Genoese actor there will be … Read more